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Brian Kilmeade Cites "Passion" Of Texas Legislator & "Terror Baby" Fighter, Debbie Riddle.

Reported by Priscilla - November 15, 2010 -

When Texas state legislator, Debbie Riddle was interviewed by CNN's Anderson Cooper, about her stance on illegal immigration, she said that she wasn't told that Cooper was "going to grill" her. Well praise the lord and pass the anti-illegal alien bills because Ms. Riddle was provided with some warm affirmation and "sanctuary" from Fox & Friends' Brian Kilmeade who gave her a platform from which to push her legislative crusade against undocumented immigrants during which no hardball questions were asked. Unfortunately, the brown haired guy who isn't Steve Doocy didn't ask Riddle about the "terror babies" - a Riddle concocted conspiracy, based on unspecified "former" FBI sources, in which terrorist organizations send pregnant women to the US in order to give birth to future terrorists. Poor Deb, who once said that free public education “comes from Moscow. From Russia. Straight out of the pit of hell" was just so upset about how that high falutin Anderson Cooper dared to question her "truthiness" regarding these insidious infants. One suspects that she was much happier after last week's interview with Brian Kilmeade who shares her passion about those "illegals."

Brian couldn't contain his excitement in his introduction of Debbie Riddle. He described how she slept in the Texas State House "for the entire weekend" so she could be first in line to file her "tough" immigration bill which mirrors that of Arizona. Debbie (OMG, she's Jan Brewer's twin sister?), showing off some fine Texas couture, appeared on the screen in her Barbie pink turtle neck and more muted Barbie pink suit jacket with faux fur lining the collar. Kilmeade said "Yup...this has always been your passion, but why now do you think the state is ready to crack down on illegals." The softball having been lobbed, Riddle ran with it covering all the requisite right wing talking points sure to get the Fox & Friends out of their barcoliners and ready to grab the pitchforks. She said that the state has been ready; but the (ready for it) federal government has opposed it with the democrats shutting it down. She said that "it's all about safety and security for the citizens." She provided "bullet points" for the bill that will make it harder for illegals to, as Kilmeade put it, "sneak in and thrive." Not surprisingly her bullet points didn't include any sanctions against employers. Kilmeade's jaw tightened as he noted how her bill would outlaw those evil "sanctuary cities." Kilmeade, who has never been shy about his support for the Arizona law, said that Riddle "understands what Arizona has been through" cuz "they're being sued by the Obama administration and they won in court." Riddle said "that's outrageous" and added that Texas "needs to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough." She claimed that the crime has been "going through the roof" and crime in Houston, related to gangs involved with "drug cartels," has increased by 250%. She said that the folks "have had it with political correctness" (don't need to worry about that on Fox News, darlin) and "folks just turning a blind eye to the problems. Americans are getting killed and Texans are getting killed" (Be so sceeered) and "we've got to say 'stop it'." Kilmeade said that "America is reflecting the passion all along. Things are gonna change, once again, in Texas."

Comment: Unlike Anderson Cooper, Kilmeade took Riddle's information on faith alone. Despite her contention that the local crime rate has "exploded," the FBI states that in El Paso, right across the border, crime is down 36%. And in Riddle's Houston - "Violent crime in Houston fell 8 percent during the first half of the year, while property crimes including burglary and theft continue to bedevil Houston police detectives, crime records indicate." Houston's gang crime is also down. And why didn't Brian ask Riddle about Texas governor Perry's promise to veto this law if it's passed? But why bother with pesky facts when they could get in the way of the agitprop that the Arizona law was good and the "illegals" are bad. All I can say is watch out for those terror babies because they're coming to git ya!

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