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Glenn Beck: I’m Not Into Child Pornography

Reported by Guest Blogger - November 14, 2010 -

By Aunty Em

This is weirder than the weirdest stuff that’s ever come out of Glenn Beck’s mouth. Something’s up. Something big is coming. What it is I can’t say, but neither can Beck. Either because he doesn’t know, or he knows all too well and is already setting up his alibi. However, Friday (11-12-10) on his Radio Drama Theater, Beck seemingly tried to inoculate himself from what he claimed is a “whole new progressive organization that is now being started to smear and take me out.”

“I thought about this morning as I was saying my prayers this morning, and I was reading Psalms, I thought to myself, ‘I’m glad my children will always know the truth.’ And I thought of all the things they could possibly say—the greatest thing I have going for me is I have no lies in my life. I don’t have lies in my life. I— I— I—I—I’m—I pay my income tax. I—I—I pay my bills. I’m honest in all of my business dealings. I try to be a good guy. I’m not always a good guy. I try to be a good guy. I try to be a good parent. I—I don’t drink; I don’t take drugs. I—uhh—you know—I’m not—I’m not into ch—I’m not even into—I was going to say I’m not into child pornography. I’m not only not into child pornography, I’m not into pornography. I’m not into any of it. I always have someone with me because I know how easy it is to set somebody up. I always have someone with me. Not only a security—at least one—but always another man.”

At this point there’s a few seconds of silliness from his radio cohorts about “rolling dude heavy”, but Beck returns to his theme.

“So, no matter what you read about me—no matter what you read about me, umm, in the coming months, or whenever, that’s fine. I really—I mean—I can’t imagine what they’re gonna—but they have to say something. There has to be something fabricated about me. Has to be! You just can’t let this juggernaut go as we’re changing everything because I’m rolling dude heavy.”


Is there a skeleton in Beck’s closet about to tumble out? I’ll bring the popcorn.

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