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The Beck Week That Was; The “George Soros Rules the World” Edition

Reported by Guest Blogger - November 13, 2010 -

By Aunty Em

It was quite the week for our intrepid hero Glenn Beck, as he continued on his one man mission to save the world from ourselves. When Beck began his show on Fox “News” way back in January 19, 2009 (is it really only that long? It seems like forever.) he was a demagogue in search of a villain and the only thing on the horizon was that new president named Obama. He tried a lot of different gambits—conflating Obama with Marxism, Marxism with Communism, Communism with Fascism, and Fascism with Something Else. Yet nothing seems to have resonated with his audience because he’s been hemorrhaging viewers faster than a bleeder who hasn’t been taking his Coumadin. TV by the Numbers charts the drop-off nicely: In the last year (October to October) Beck has shed 24% of his overall audience and 28% of the all-important Adult 25-54 demographic age bracket. What’s a hysterical demagogue to do? Create an entirely new bogeyman with which to scare what’s left of his audience. Albert Einstein spent the last years of his life looking for the Unified Field Theory. Beck has been working on his own Unified Theory. This week it paid off when Beck devoted a block of three shows to George Soros, The Puppet Master.

According to Beck, George Soros is behind everything evil in this world. Why didn’t I see it before? One World Government? George Soros. Dramatic transformation of the country? George Soros. Tides Foundation? George Soros. Stimulus bill? Georgie. HuffPo? Soros again. Media Matters? A Soros operation. Color of Change? Soros. The next time you get gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe? You guessed it! George Soros will be to blame.

I always love when Beck pulls out the props, whether it’s frogs or red phones. But, it’s been a while since Beck has gone to the prop department. To illustrate his segments about a puppet master, Beck used a close, but inaccurate, prop. Marionettes are not puppets in the Kukla, Fran and Ollie mold, with a hand stuck up it’s behind. Marionettes requite far more skill and dexterity than someone putting a sock over their hand and calling it Lambchop. No matter, it was a handy illustration for an audience that needs visual props to understand completely bogus complex political theories. That’s why marionettes hung all around the Glenn Beck Program’s set all week.

One other prop that Beck felt the need to use was a giant flashlight, with which he could shine the light on marionette Soros so he could no longer hide in the shadows. At one point he told us, “We are going to uncover the truth that has been hidden in plain sight for many, many years” about George Soros. If it’s in plain sight, how is that hiding? And, if Soros is such a sleazy, underhanded guy, then why is it all in plain sight? You’d think a man with his billions would be able to leave no fingerprints whatsoever. Only when he’s crowned King of the New World Government will he reveal himself as the man behind the machinations. But Beck even has an answer for that: “These abnormal times — these abnormal times mean the ends justify the means, every legal means possible.”

“Every legal means possible.” More than once during the week Beck repeated the ludicrous charge that Soros will use “legal means” to take over the world. QUESTION: If the means are legal, what’s the problem? As near as I can figure Soros has made a shit pile of money in his lifetime. As a philanthropist and gadfly, Soros is not shy about putting his money where his mouth is. He funds groups with progressive ideologies. Compare that to the Koch brothers. It took investigations by The New Yorker magazine and Think Progress to ferret out which astroturf Tea Party groups and anti-Cap & Trade lobbyists the Kochs fund.

Beck started his examination of George Soros, The Puppet Master, with a clever way of inoculating his audience to the truth with several clever gambits. This is how he opened Tuesday’s show:

I want to talk to you a little bit and kind of give you a little preview and a prelude of what is happening this week. If you are a long-time fan of this program, you know what happens when you Facebook post or tweet a positive or a defense of me or something that we talk about on this program. Try it if you haven't done it before. Oh, you are in for a treat. The flood gates of progressive hell open up on you.

And there is a seemingly, seemingly endless barrage of comments that pour in from people from all over the world strangely enough. And they are all the left of the left. Many of them are paid and fully purchased by the Soros regime.

Most of the comments that you'll get back won't be directed at me. They will be directed at you. You will be demonized for defending or even stupid enough to buy anything on this program.

I've asked you before and I'll ask again — this week especially — do not believe anything I tell you, because I tell it to you. Make sure you do your own homework.*

It’s not the first time that Beck has insisted that his enemies will attack the viewers as his proxy and it certainly won’t be the last time. However, he’s being disingenuous when he demands his audience do their own homework for two simple reasons: 1). He knows they won’t; 2). Much of what he spewed about Soros came in the form of speculation and opinion. Good luck fact-checking that pile of manure.

[BTW: I have no shame. I’m still waiting to be “paid and fully purchased by the Soros regime.” Maybe my cheque is still in the mail.]

Following that was another attempt at inoculating himself against charges that he foments violence. Beck hopes against all hope that people won’t connect the dots between his eliminationist rhetoric and recent acts of violence against progressives. News Hounds has noted that Beck wants to leave no trail when it comes to a person like Byron Williams, who, loaded with bullets and a brain full of Beckisms, tried to start a revolution with an attack on the Tides Foundation and the ACLU. Thankfully it was aborted when Williams had his Wild West gunfight with California police. J.E. Robertson, at Café Sentido, sums up the game nicely by asking “Is Glenn Beck Deliberately Inciting Violent Acts Against Progressives?”

Beck has a ready answer:

If this is the first time seeing this program — well, I think you're in for an eye-opener, too, because you've heard me described as a guy who's just full of hate, a racist, a conspiracy theorist, just trying to get people to blow stuff up or create another Oklahoma City. That's the latest from the Soros clan. Well, if that were true, then America just isn't the place that I thought it was. And most likely not the place you thought it was. I mean a racist, hate-filled host who is openly trying to get people to be violent would have zero viewers in the America I know and love.*

Unless they are on the Fox “News” Channel.

Yet, what else explains his constant eliminationist rhetoric? One can have policy differences without calling progressivism a cancer that needs to be excised and a snake that needs its head cut off. But Beck neither sees it that way, nor does he think his words have real life consequences. In this regard I have more faith in Byron Williams than Glenn Beck. Both have valid reasons to cover their ass, but only Beck seems to feel the need to do so…time and time again. But his latest tactic to inoculate himself, and his fans, is to blame progressives:

[…] I think we're about to see: violence — pressure from below. Why do you think the left spent so much energy trying to paint the Tea Parties as violent?

We showed you the videos where NBC would be shaking in fear over the possible coming violence from the Tea Parties. And, you know, every time we show it to you, it would always be a picture of something like this. Ahhh! People, you know, mom with a double stroller or grandma sitting there in a fold-up lawn chair and the script didn't match up. But, boy, oh, boy, they had to have violence.

Meanwhile, while they were saying that these people were violent, I was telling you this. Watch:


BECK: The one thing you cannot do is play into their hands. They need you to be angry. They need you to — they need you to be racist. They need you to push back.

They need you to grab a gun. They need you to get angry. Don't do it.


BECK: OK, I wasn't telling you that for that time, I don't think you're violent. I know who they are. They're agitators. The far-left needs the violence.

This is the strategy of the radical leftist. They create chaos. They put pressure from below. Then they have the government — they're all infiltrated here in the government. Pressure down below and it causes them, the government, who they're in league with, can swoop in and fix the problem to save you.

Translation: If there’s any violence from the Right Wing it’s only because progressives made them do it so their government overlords can sweep in and…what exactly? Declare Marshall Law? Stage a government coup? Put all Right Wingers in those nonexistent FEMA camps that Beck had been investigating?

Now, here’s where it gets funny:

So, why does the left need this violence? Well, listen to a clip from a Democratic pollster, Mark Penn, happened just the other day and yet no one pays attention to it. How can the left win the country? Watch:


MARK PENN, DEMOCRATIC POLLSTER: Cabinets don't really sell things. The president himself has to reconnect with the people. Remember, President Clinton reconnected through Oklahoma, right?

CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC: Yes, because the bombing was down there.

PENN: And the president right now, he seems removed. It wasn't until that speech that he really clicked with the American public. Obama needs a similar kind of event.

MATTHEWS: You think words are —


BECK: Obama needs a similar kind of event. Oh, like Oklahoma City! If only Barack Obama can have the opportunity to speak to America after another Oklahoma City type event, then he'll politically be in good shape. Wow!

Now, according to Drummond Pike, the founder of Tides, who — Drummond, I hope you watch this week because — oh, it's all coming undone this week. I will be the guy who causes the next Oklahoma City.

This is in a letter, an appeal to advertisers of Fox: Dear Fox advertisers — read this part of it — no one, left, right, center, wants to see another Oklahoma City, the next assassin may succeed. If so, there will be blood on many hands.

They are setting up another Oklahoma City. They are claiming that one is coming. And they've already marked the one who caused it.

Near the top of that quote are the words, “yet no one pays attention to it.” I don’t know what world Beck lives in, but I saw a great deal of condemnation of Penn’s boneheaded words.

But Beck’s game is deeper than that. Mark Penn goes on the tee vee and says something profoundly stupid and suddenly he is speaking for every progressive, known and unknown: “They are setting up another Oklahoma City.”

Another deep game Beck plays is to repeat something horrible that has happened in the past, like Adolph Hitler, and saying it will happen again, as if the world has learned nothing since. Here’s how it plays in practice:

Let me show you what communism actually looks like, where people had their names changed to numbers in China. There they are. See the numbers? They're not in prison. That's how they did it in China. Just change them to numbers. People are meaningless.

Ten millions starved under Stalin. Mao killed 2.5 million in his Great Leap Forward program. Tens of millions of innocent people were killed. That is what communism really looks like, but we don't teach that in our schools anymore.

And finally, the last birth pang. What are we giving birth to? The last one is a money crisis. I have been warning you that we are on the same path to repeat the same exact mistakes, as the Weimar Republic:


BECK: We've hit the top of our debt standards. Nobody is going to want to loan to us. And so, what happens? When we can't fund it, through loans, or we can't afford the interest, we'll just start printing more money and we're printing it like there's no tomorrow. Well, this is what leads to things like bread in a wheelbarrow. Here is where the rest of world is starting to line-up and blame us. And that is what we've done to our dollar.


BECK: You got it? You got it? This I said under George W. Bush.

The bought and paid for critics of mine will always go, there he goes talk about Hitler again and completely missing the point which is this — Germany financially collapsed. That's kind of an historic fact and it's kind of important not to glaze over that, isn't it? How did it collapse? Why did it collapse? What did they do?

We should probably know the answer to that. Well, here it is. They monetize their debt. Did we learn our lesson from that? Well, I'll let Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke under oath let you know.

See? It wasn’t tight government censorship and fear that allowed Mao and Stalin to kill their own citizens with impunity. No, it was just the natural order of things under Communism/Fascism/Marxism/Progressivism. Tens of millions will die and America’s Free Press will have no effect, despite Beck’s white light of truth. In Beck’s world we are all being marched to the ovens.

Speaking of ovens and Germany, back on January 4th of this year I wrote:

As I take off my amateur psychologists’ hat and bring out my crystal ball, let me make a prediction or two for the year ahead. Sponsors who joined The Beck Boycott seem to be in no hurry to come back, although they are still plunking their dollars down on other Faux Noise programs. FNC will continue to run the show throughout 2010 as a loss-leader.

[Stuff about Beck buying a new house deleted]

No matter where he’s living, the road will get very rough for The Beckinator in 2010. Not a week will go by that he doesn’t find a new target to smear with lies and distortions. As each new target is acquired this year, another organized group will begin to howl in righteous indignation. Eventually, Big Mouth Beck will say something so outrageous, so off-the-wall, so ridiculous that a “Dump Glenn Beck” movement will coalesce and pick up steam. As usual FNC, and Bashful Beck, will make themselves the victims, crying that their First Amendment rights are being threatened while using one of the largest megaphones in broadcasting. Despite the public pressure, Beck will hang onto his show until the ball drops for 2011, but for how much longer than that?

With his latest Soros insinuations, Beck has gained the ire of just about every Jewish organization in the world. Beck pre-told his audience that he would be labeled an anti-Semite for his attacks on Soros, which he claimed he didn’t understand because he’s only using Soros’ own words. Yet, he used every trick in the anti-Semitic playbook to attack Soros.

As Media Matters tells us “Beck portrays Soros as "the puppet master" during ads for his Soros episode. On his Fox “News” show, Glenn Beck has repeatedly referred to Soros as a "puppet master" while promoting the November 9, 2010, edition of his Fox News show, which he claims will "expose" Soros. During one ad for the program that referred to Soros as a "puppet master," an on-screen image of the Star of David faded into an image of Soros:”

The only inferences one can take from that advert is that Soros' mother was an anti-Semite and he doesn’t support Israel. Since many people equate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism, it’s an easy charge to throw out there. However, that would also make me an anti-Semite among my Jewish family, since I don’t support Israeli government policy when it comes to the treatment of Palestinians. However, that’s not the only Jewish Dog Whistle Beck blew this week.

As Michelle Goldberg at The Daily Beast points out:

To inoculate himself against charges of anti-Semitism, Beck hurled them at Soros, pointing out that he’s an atheist and a critic of Israel. He accused Soros of helping Nazis steal Jewish property as a teenager and of feeling no remorse about it. In fact, when Soros was 14 in Nazi-occupied Hungary, his father bribed an agriculture official to pretend that the boy was his Christian godson. Soros once had to accompany his protector to inventory a confiscated Jewish estate. Asked by 60 Minutes if he felt guilty about it, he said no, because he wasn’t at fault. The slander that he was a Nazi collaborator has proliferated on the right ever since.

As The Jewish Week reported, two organizations came out strongly against Beck’s latest hate-mongering. The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants and the Anti-Defamation League used some of its strongest language to condemn Beck. We also learned of a little-known incident from earlier this year:

Simon Greer, president of the Jewish Funds for Justice, met with Fox News executives in July to discuss Beck's “constant and often inappropriate invocation of the Holocaust and Nazi Germany on the air.”

Greer and Rabbi Steve Gutow of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) received a handwritten note from Beck saying “Please know that I understand the sensitivity and sacred nature of this dark chapter in Human History. Thank you for your candor and helpful thoughts.”

Yesterday's on-air comments by Beck “made a mockery of their professed understanding,” Greer said in a statement. “In an effort to demonize a political opponent, Beck and Fox News scurrilously attacked George Soros, a prominent Jewish philanthropist and Holocaust survivor. No one who truly understands 'the sensitivity and sacred nature' of the Holocaust would deliberately and grotesquely mis-characterize the experience of a 13 year old Jew in Nazi-occupied Hungary whose father hid him with a non-Jewish family to keep him alive.”

Interfaith Alliance President Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy said Beck's “use of the Holocaust to discredit George Soros is beyond repugnant. The Holocaust is one of history’s most tragic events and those who survived it are owed our enduring respect.”

And this only brings us the end of Tuesday’s Beck Conspiracy Cavalcade.

On Wednesday, Beck took a look at all of Soros’ shadowy tentacles, all still hiding in plain sight, mind you. First he connected Soros to the founding of MoveOn.org with a curious statement:

First of all, in 2003, Soros and a partner funded the new $5 million liberal group MoveOn.org.**

What exactly is Beck saying? That Move On was given $5 million by George Soros, or that Move On is worth $5 million? Or that Move On has blown through $5 million and Soros’ contribution is just a part of that? Beck never explains and leaves that so-called fact dangling out there. No matter, because we’re off to the races and the charges come so fast and furious it would take forever to detail and debunk every one of them. A short précis will have to suffice:

Move On called General Petraeus “General Betray Us” and chose as its first executive director Zach Exley, former founder of the SDS. According to Beck, Exley trained activists for the anarchistic group The Raucous Society. Therefore, the G20 riots in Seattle were orchestrated by Exley, who is funded by Soros, and just happens to write for the Huffington Post, which also gets money from Soros. And, to damn Exley further, Beck tells us he’s a fellow at the George Soros Open Society Institute. [That’s the same organization we learned yesterday also funds Randy Scheunemann, Sarah Palin's foreign policy adviser, an inconvenient fact for Beck and his whole conspiracy.]

At that point Beck tossed out the words “violent radicals,” which may refer to Move On, or Zach Exley, or the George Soros Open Society Institute, since they followed the mention of all three.

This is typical of Beck’s delivery and so-called facts. He’s so good at the “guilt by association” smears that they simply roll off his tongue without a second thought. Here’s how it goes: George Soros ► Move On ► Exley ► Raucous Society ► riots in Seattle. Let’s try a little experiment of our own: Glenn Beck ► Byron Williams. No degrees of separation whatsoever.

As always the viewer was given no time to think about guilt by association because Beck hadn’t stopped talking yet. He jumped to an Exley connection to the Ella Baker Society for the Center of Human Rights and then to the Apollo Alliance, to the White House, and then to the Center for American Progress, all funded by Soros. “Radicals. Radicals,” Beck assured us. Then he jumped immediately to an explanation of another Soros group:

Oh, the Open Society Institute, in case you don't know what this is — don't worry, you will in the next couple of days. The Open Society Institute is George Soros' most important group. It is really spectacular. It is his philanthropist arm. This is where he really — he looks for Mother Teresa to give out his precious money. And, boy, did he find Mother Teresa.

Well, not exactly. He found to head this organization, the founder of the violent activist group SDS, Students for a Democratic Society. You don't know what they did in the '60s? You will.

One string, $425 million every single year — the strings that are being pulled by the puppet master.**

[Four-hundred and twenty five million dollars? Every single year? Boy am I getting ripped off by this philanthropist. I’d gladly be his Mother Teresa and I work much cheaper than that.]

All of this took place at the top of Wednesday’s show, BEFORE the opening credits ran. 636 words, taking up about three and a half breathless minutes of smear, guilt by association, speculation, opinion and downright wingnuttery.

As the Wednesday show officially began, Beck explained the puppet stage he was using as a prop, as well as all the marionettes he claimed were puppets, so he could once again connect them all to George Soros, The Puppet Master, who is pulling strings all around the world. Then he claimed:

The question is: Do we have a shadow government? And if we do, who are those intelligent minority that is guiding us through? And where are they guiding us to?

If you skip past all of the puppet and the strings, if you stop looking at the puppets, themselves, you have to see who's behind the puppets. Who is choosing the puppets and the players? Who's the puppet master? George Soros.

Now I am sure that this will be called a conspiracy theory. And quite honestly, a year ago, two years ago, I wouldn't have believed it myself.

But it is right out in the open. I encourage you: Do not take my word for this. Do your own research.

And don't go to conspiracy Web sites or anything else. Go to his own books. Go to biographies written about him. Go to things that are well-documented like "60 Minutes," things that are well known for their accuracy.**

Again Beck was making two diametrically opposed arguments: A) George Soros is running a shadow government; B) It’s all right there in the open.

Then came an amazing bit of misdirection:

We have all of the materials that put this show together at GlennBeck.com and in my free e-mail newsletter. I want you to see the footnotes on this program. Do not take anything I say as gospel tonight. I want you to decide for yourself.**

Yet, not a single one of those footnotes documents the connections Beck made from the Soros money machine to running a shadow government. That is all conjecture on Beck’s part. It’s Beck’s modus operandi to put unrelated facts together to draw his own conclusions. And again, it’s not very different from how the Koch brothers use their money to fund many organizations that lobby to protect their bottom line, except the Koch brothers go to extraordinary lengths to keep their involvement secret and what Soros does is out in the open, as Beck keeps telling us over and over again.

Then Beck outlined a strange theory: That Soros is to blame (through his front organizations and money) for the McCain-Feingold Act, which opened up the door to all those 501(c)(3) groups that have been gaming the elections ever since. You’d think that Beck would be happy with all those Swiftboating adverts, but he’d prefer you forget about them and only concentrate on the groups he despises, like Sojourners, Color of Change, Media Matters, People for the American Way, Move On, Center for American Progress, and the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, all name-checked by Beck on his way to smear George Soros, who, Beck actually told us more than once, continues to work within the law to effect change, as is his right and the right of any other citizen.

Days after President Obama was elected, George Soros again set the agenda. He said, quote, "I think we need a large stimulus package which will provide funds for state and local government to maintain their budgets, because they are not allowed by the Constitution to run a deficit. For such a program to be successful, the federal government would need to provide hundreds of billions of dollars. In addition, another infrastructure program is necessary. In total, the cost would be between $300 billion and $600 billion range."

Well, what was on Obama's — the first thing on his agenda? The $787 billion stimulus bill. Gee. I remember this and I remember saying at the time, who wrote this? It was too complex. It was too early in his — oh, yes, that's right. The Apollo Alliance.

Where does the Apollo Alliance come from? The Tides Foundation. And where does the Tides Foundation get a lot of their funding? George Soros.**

This isn’t the first time Beck has claimed Apollo Alliance wrote the stimulus bill. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t President Bush push through the first inadequate stimulus bill? Was Soros also pulling W’s strings?

I could go on and on citing Beck’s smears and “refudiating” every one of them, but life’s too short for that. Suffice it to say that Soros, according to Beck, is behind everything nefarious that’s ever happened.

I want you to understand there are two kinds of puppets here. The first puppet is the puppet organizations, you know, I don't know, this is the musicians union and maybe this is SEIU, and the AFL-CIO, and ACORN. Their job on stage is to create an illusion of a big dramatic movement that is happening, a grassroots.

You know how Nancy Pelosi is always saying, oh, that's a grassroots and that's Astroturf? Right. They're doing something on the stage. And they're getting you to believe something. But it's all part of the show.

The second kind of puppet is an individual puppet. It could be John Kerry. It could be Van Jones. It could be Andy Stern, Richard Trumka, perhaps President Obama.


There are also two storylines. If you — if you would come to a show, there's always two storylines and you'll see it in different movies about stages and stage performers. Even "Moulin Rouge" is just a favorite movie of my family.

Two stories — there is what's happening on stage, and then there's the one behind the stage. You don't ever see what's happening behind.

But the story that they're telling on stage and they're acting out, you know. Oh, the government needs to spend more money to stimulate the economy. No, no. We need more government intervention. Those evil rich people won't spend their money. We need more taxes. All that. You know this story line.

But how much of it is real? How much of it is orchestrated? Well, there's only one way to find out that answer and that is you have to look behind the curtain.**

This is a very ironic statement for Aunty Em to make, but “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” It’s not George Soros behind the curtain; it’s Glenn Beck acting as Puppet Master, from controlling the flow of information to pulling the strings he knows will have the greatest effect on his audience.

And this only bringst us to the end of Wednesday’s show. Scared yet? No? Then Glenn Beck has one more day to scare you shitless. He began Thursday with:

Last night, we introduced you to the puppet master — billionaire, financier George Soros — notorious for collapsing economies and regimes all around the world.

He's known as the man who broke the Bank of England. The prime minister of Malaysia called Soros an "unscrupulous profiteer." In Thailand, he was branded the "economic war criminal." They also said that he sucks the blood from people. ***

Another so-called fact that can’t be verified. There is no documentation anywhere on the innertubes that Soros ever sucked anyone’s blood, but as a baseless charge, it’s perfect for Beck’s hit piece.

I'm called a hate-monger because I have conservative views and positions like, I don't know, let people keep their money.***

No, Glenn. That’s not why you are called a hate-monger. You are called a hate-monger because it’s who you are; it’s what you do. Rather than debate a policy difference like, say, taxation, you go after the individual, attacking, attacking, attacking until there’s no appreciable difference between the people you are smearing and the devil incarnate, as you have done to Soros:

If you thought $5 or $4 a gallon gas is painful, wait until Soros devalues your dollar even more. Forget driving. How about eating?

We told you just recently, I told you this for, what, two years now? That they would devalue the dollar and that inflation would come.

"Financial Times" reported it today. It's about to be added to your grocery bill. And if you're the one in the household doing the grocery shopping, you've already seen it. But, oh, you haven't seen nothing yet.

As they devalue the dollar, in orderly decline, you will start to see prices like one group — inflation group predicted that it will soon cost
$11 — $11.43 for an ear of corn. One ear.

How about going to the grocery store and seeing a price tag on loaf of wheat bread of $23.05?

This sugar, this size, 32 ounces of sugar — $62.21.

For the milk, good old soy milk — I mean, who doesn't — smooth and delicious, $24.31 for this size.

For a container of this coffee, Folgers, 11 1/2 ounces, $77.71.

For a container of orange juice, not this size but for 64 fluid ounces, Minute Maid orange juice, they are now saying it will be $45.71.

And one thing I couldn't believe and we called the experts and ask them, OK, please tell me that the institute on inflation is nuts. No. No, no. They're not, unfortunately.

I couldn't believe that one candy bar, one Hersey's milk chocolate candy bar, 1 1/2 ounces, Hershey's milk chocolate, $15.50.

This, Mr. Soros, is not a game — at least not for the shlubs outside of your world. I don't know anybody inside the world of George Soros. Well, you've got Timothy Geithner. You have Ben Bernanke. You have most of the politicians in Washington.***

See how it’s done in Beck World? First, according to this inflation institute, Beck claims that Soros will devalue the dollar, leading to the $15 candy bar. He will use his best buddies Geithner, Bernanke, and most of the politicians in Washington as his puppets to get the job done. From that point it’s a cakewalk to connect Soros to every evil known to humanity. So much for facts. This is just more conjecture and hyperbole.

Beck continued:

We are the ones who are going to risk in this game. When he manages the decline of our dollar, him and his minions in Washington, who do think pays the price? Will it be him? Or will it be you?

You see, he knows what's coming. And because of that, he can hedge. He knows exactly where to go. He knows where the exits are. And he's done it over and over again.

He will gain profit and power — and you will lose both. He's playing god, which is fine by him because he's an atheists. [sic] ***

Another dog whistle to Evangelical Beck’s audience. GASP! No! Not an evil atheist!

The rest of Thursday’s show was a long and convoluted reasoning on why Beck felt (no facts there) that Soros’ goal is to collapse the U.S.A. and lead us to a One World Government. Because the transcript is all interrelated, it would be unfair to Beck (Yeah, I know. Why bother? It’s not like he’s fair to anybody else.) to quote him out of context. I suggest you read it for yourself. However, here’s a quick summation:

George Soros goal is to collapse the U.S.A. like he has done to four previous countries. There are five steps to a Soros takeover: 1). Form a shadow government using humanitarian aid as a cover; 2). Control the media; 3). Destabilize the state and weaken government by creating anti-government sentiment; 4). Provoke an election crisis; and…

Then step number five: take power. Take power — this one is kind of hand in hand with stage demonstrations. This one is about to come.

We've already seen the beginnings of it, the One Nation rally. We saw this. This is the labor union rally in D.C. as a response to 8.28 — a project of the Tides Center, aka, George Soros' group.

OSI also donated to the Ruckus [sic] Society, environmental justice group known for their aggressive tactics. Remember, that was the guy I told you about last night who was causing all the riots in Seattle?

Then, OSI has donated to several groups who are trying to get me off the air. You have Faith in Public Life, that's funded by OSI. They're calling for my head.

You have Sojourners, of course. They're calling for my head.

You have "Media Matters."

All of them out of the pocket of George Soros.

Mark my words. And I believe I said that for the last two years on inflation. As I told you, massive inflation will come and you're beginning to see it now. Staged demonstrations and riots in the streets, you will see them here.***

And there you have it. Three full hours of tee vee devoted to making George Soros the biggest bogeyman that ever walked the earth. Yes, there are many facts presented in these shows that are true. It is also true that there are copious footnotes to be found at The Blaze and Glenn Beck’s website. However, Beck’s conjectures about what these facts mean—and how the future will play out—are nothing more than opinion, sophistry, and prognostication. But Beck needs his audience to believe every word he says.

Here’s the absolute truth about a Glenn Beck fact: Within his presentation there is always a kernel of truth. However, under his intense heat and light that small kernel is popped into a giant piece of popcorn, filled with hot air and, ultimately, no more satisfying.

CORRECTION: Facefriend Chris Heine has pointed out that I got it exactly wrong on Coumadin. Coumadin is used to thin the blood to prevent clots. Therefore the correct sentence in the first paragraph should read, "Yet nothing seems to have resonated with his audience because he’s been hemorrhaging viewers faster than a bleeder who has been taking too much Coumadin." I really should know better, since Pops takes Coumadin. Apologies to all.

* Transcript from Fox “News," which clearly states “This is a rush transcript from "Glenn Beck," November 8, 2010. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.” That often means it will be scrubbed later.

** Transcript from Fox “News,” which clearly states “This is a rush transcript from "Glenn Beck," November 9, 2010. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.” That often means it will be scrubbed later.

*** Transcript from Fox “News,” which clearly states “This is a rush transcript from "Glenn Beck," November 10, 2010. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.” That often means it will be scrubbed later.

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