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Greta Van Susteren Suggests Iraq War Was Colin Powell’s Fault

Reported by Ellen - November 13, 2010 -

“Democrat” Greta Van Susteren may have outdone Sean Hannity for obsequiousness toward George W. Bush during her interview with him last night (11/12/10) on On The Record. Van Susteren was not as openly admiring and Bush never called her “my buddy,” but she actively went out of her way to make him look good. In their discussion about Iraq and the non-existent weapons of mass destruction, Van Susteren suggested that it was Powell who was responsible for "the world" believing Saddam Hussein had WMD's. She also fed Bush one of his talking points about 9/11 for him. Conservative Bill O’Reilly asked much tougher questions than she did.

During a discussion about 9/11, Bush likely was sensitive to criticisms that he did nothing except continue his photo-op with a classroom of young children after being told that the country was under attack. So as he was explaining his actions (or lack thereof) that day, Van Susteren added approvingly, “You also didn’t want to scare the kids… You had kids there.”

Later, as the discussion turned to Iraq, Van Susteren never brought up the Downing Street Memo or Scott Ritter or Joseph Wilson or Valerie Plame or anyone else who publicly doubted that Iraq was a threat to our country. Not surprisingly, O'Reilly didn't either. But he at least questioned whether the war was worth it.

Instead, Van Susteren went on the attack against then-Secretary of State Colin Powell. She said, “Here’s what I don’t understand, though… Then Secretary of State Powell went before the U.N. and he gave his – he made the case for the United States that there were – why we should go (into Iraq) – the weapons of mass destruction. Then later in (Bush’s) book, he’s the one who’s putting on the brakes. Why did he do that? I mean, I get the feeling that he later says, ‘I didn’t have anything to do – I didn’t think there were weapons of mass destruction.’ But he made the case.”

Bush said he didn’t view Powell “as backing away from the belief that all of us had, including intelligence services, that (Saddam Hussein) had weapons of mass destruction. We all felt that. The country felt it.”

Van Susteren again overlooked those who had disagreed and helpfully added, “The world felt it. But we all got it wrong… (Powell) got it wrong.”

Later, Bush said, “I do think Colin was hoping that diplomacy would work and we wouldn’t have to use the military.”

Van Susteren said, “I guess that I had sort of the sense that, as he was ex-military at that point, and he had spoken with the CIA and he was the one sort of making the case that – for some reason, I’ve always thought that he, that he made a big blunder… that there were weapons of mass destruction.”

The relevant portion of the interview is below. You can watch the rest of the interview here, here and here.

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