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In Honor Of Veterans Day, Cavuto Uses Vet To Urge Deficit “Sacrifices”

Reported by Ellen - November 12, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

About 15 minutes after he trotted out The Nutrition Twins to talk about how dieting tips could help cut the deficit, Your World’s Neil Cavuto brought on a veteran, presumably in honor of Veterans Day yesterday (11/11/10). J.R. Martinez, a seriously wounded Iraq War veteran, motivational speaker and All My Children soap opera star seems worthy of the recognition. But the sacrifices Cavuto seemed most interested in were the ones he thought Congress (and, by extension the rest of us) should be making on behalf of cutting the deficit. As laudable as Martinez’ story was, he seemed no more knowledgeable about the deficit than the Nutrition Twins.

Martinez clearly wanted to talk about a program he’s involved with to help veterans become entrepreneurs. But Cavuto kept bringing the discussion back to deficits, despite the fact that Martinez clearly has no expertise on that subject.

After saying that Martinez “knows about sacrifices,” Cavuto mused about how Congress has refused to make sacrifices to cut the debt. “Do you ever think that, Joe, that you protected and fought for a bunch of soft wusses?"

Yes, he did. Martinez said, "We've made that ultimate sacrifice for the common good of freedom, of liberty, of all the things that we have in this country, and you're going to tell me they can't make that sacrifice as well?”

So who’s next as the debt-reduction expert on Fox News’ “business show?” Susan Lucci?

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