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Fox News Advances Smear: "Hamas Loves Obama"

Reported by Priscilla - November 12, 2010 -

Fox "News" knows that words do matter. Thus, they select their words very carefully especially when it comes to advancing right wing memes that serve to delegitimize President Obama. And what better way to delegitimize Obama than to connect him to a Muslim terrorist group. Hence, the title of the Fox News video,"Why Hamas Loves Obama," and the Fox Nation thread titled "Column, Hamas Loves Obama" which links to a NY Post article "Why Obama Loves Bam." Fox Nation even has the AP photo, used in the Post article, of a mug with a photo of Obama on it. In the photo, Obama, pictured between the American and Palestinian flag, is wearing a "keffiyah" headscarf. The words below the photo are "Abu Hussein Palestine loves you." The video is Steve Doocy's interview of the ADL's Abraham Foxman who just the other day lambasted Glenn Beck for what is seen, by the Jewish community, as an anti-Semitic attack on George Soros who, like Foxman, survived the holocaust. The interview was not about an Obama loving Hamas - but, rather, Foxman's new book about anti-Semitic stereotypes of Jews. But for those Fox fans, who only read headlines and video titles, the agitprop message was short and sweet.

Doocy wasted no time in getting the message out: "With peace efforts stalled between the Israelis and the Palestinians, Hamas has spearheaded a movement to declare its love for President Obama. But some say too much love will strain US Israeli contacts." After introducing Foxman, Doocy smirked when he asked him if he had read the NY Post article "talking about how much Hamas loves the president." (Doocy did not mention that both Fox "News" and the Post are under the same parent company). Doocy must have been disappointed because Foxman said "It's not serious, it's mischievous. The only thing I want to hear from Hamas is they're ready to make peace. Do we really care what Chavez says about the president? Do we care what Castro says? It's part of their propaganda." The discussion moved on to the President's recent statement about settlements and Foxman's book.

The NY Post article is a screed about what the writer considers to be Obama's mishandling of the Israeli/Palestinian problem. It was written by Amir Taheri whose credibility is questionable given that he has produced a number of alleged "fabrications" which include the assertion that Iran was going to force a dress code on religious minorities, the allegation that Iran's UN ambassador was involved in the 1979 hostage seizure of the American embassy, and a bogus claim that Jesse Jackson made a statement about Obama's foreign policy at a conference at which Jackson was not present.

Comment: The propaganda process seems familiar. Oh, right. It was the NY Post that got the ball rolling in revving up the hysteria about Park 51. The ball was then tossed to Fox "News" which ran with it. Instead of Islam bashing, this newest right wing sporting evet is about bashing Obama. Showing that a little propaganda goes a long way, Taheri's article has gone viral in the right wing blogosphere. Here's just one example from a good, ole NJ teabagger: "You're gonna love this. Abu Hussain (aka President Barack Obama) is a folk hero in the Gaza Strip... And "Abu Hussain" loves them back!..." As expected, the Fox Nation thread is full of the usual vitriol about our terrible "Muslim" president. As Foxman said, who cares? Obviously, Murdoch and his minions do!

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