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Does Glenn Beck Know That Sarah Palin's Top Aide Is Paid By George Soros - Oh, Nooooo!!!

Reported by Priscilla - November 12, 2010 -

Check out the "Salon" article that details the connection between Sarah Palin's top aide, Randy Scheunemann, and Glenn Beck's evil nemisis, George Soros, who, according to Beck is a "puppet master" conspiring to "bring America to its knees." It seems that Scheunemann runs a consulting firm, Orion Strategies, that is being paid by one of Soros' organizations to lobby on behalf of sanctions and democracy promotion in Burma. Does Beck know that the Madonna of the teabaggers is involved with somebody who is part of the forces of darkness? If so, will he mention it on his show? Could the cognitive dissonance of this disruption in the space/time continuum of the Beck universe cause Beck's already damaged circuitry to overload? Maybe this is just part of George Soros' conspiracy to bring Glenn Beck to his knees!