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Cavuto Trots Out The Nutrition Twins To Talk Diet Tips For The Deficit

Reported by Guest Blogger - November 12, 2010 -

By Brian

On Your World yesterday (11/11/10), Neil Cavuto asked The Nutrition Twins, Lyssie and Tammy Lakatos, to offer their solutions for the deficit. Their advice? Swap pistachios for Goldfish crackers and non-caloric beverages for soda. Really.

As Tammy said, "We’re all about making simple, small changes for massive results."

Cavuto asked, "So you're encouraged by Washington trying to at least make that first step?"

"We're all about the first step," Tammy said. “If you’re someone who eats butter all day and you add it to everything, take away two tablespoons of butter and replace it with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray… Over the course of a year you're going to save yourself 21 pounds and all you’ve done is cut out 200 calories a day."

Cavuto asked what they would say to those who think "the government's too obese, too far gone to ever get this under control?"

Lyssie told him, "That's totally bogus, and in fact the small changes really add up! For instance, if you had a handful of Goldfish crackers, and you swap that daily for pistachios, which are the skinny nut …over the course of a year, you save 5 pounds."

Tammy added that if you swap soda for a "non-caloric beverage, over the course of a year, you've saved yourself 15 pounds."

Cavuto said he realized that people will ask, "Why have these guys on as financial experts? Well look at them, they’re thin and they mean what they say. Then I want you to think of the typical politicians we talk to, ask yourself the same question."

Nobody explained how to turn pistachios into budget savings.

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