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Fox News' Dana Perino Says "Sharia Law Allows For Stoning And Spousal Abuse”

Reported by Priscilla - November 11, 2010 -

Much of Fox's agitprop is directed toward Muslims, a group that "real" Americans, who watch Fox News, appear to fear and loathe. Adding to the fear and loathing is paranoia (aided and abetted by Fox) about creeping Sharia - a fear that prompted the citizenry of Oklahoma to approve an amendment to their Constitution which bans Sharia law. There are all kinds of constitutional questions about this law including whether it eliminates consideration of native American tribal law in Oklahoma courtrooms. A restraining order has stopped the law from going into effect. But the right wing is framing this law as one that will protect Islamic women from abusive spouses. Never willing to waste an opportunity to reinforce right wing talking points and knowing that propaganda can be very effective if it's communicated as a short, non nuanced statement, the news writers at Fox crafted a anti-Islamic propaganda point in the form of a news break read by former Bush White House press secretary, Dana Perino. In describing the law, she said that "Sharia law allows for stoning and spousal abuse." While in some cases, in fundamentalist Islamic countries, this is true, what Dana didn't have the opportunity to say is that "U.S. law supersedes religious agreements when those agreements are seen as grossly unfair." All the viewer needed to know was that Sharia supports spousal abuse. Pretty, pretty slick! Oh, and it must be true because Fox's Brian Kilmeade says so!

H/T Talking Points Memo

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