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Brian Kilmeade Says Women Don't Commit Crimes

Reported by Priscilla - November 10, 2010 -

Is Brian Kilmeade an idiot, or does he play one on TV? Just when you think that Steve Doocy wears the Fox & Friends dunce cap, along comes Brian with pearls of wisdom about superior Swedish genes and "all terrorists are Muslims". Monday morning, Brian, Steve, and Dana Perrino interviewed Linda Carter, who starred in the TV series, "Wonder Woman" and who now has a singing career. After some reminiscences of the show, Kilmeade asked "Why do you think that no women commit crimes. Yet we need women to find criminals?" It gets better.

There was laughter on the set. Doocy said "yeah" and Perrino said "what?" Carter's expression was one of shock. Kilmeade continued, "Women don't commit crimes. I just realized that." Carter said "it's amazing, maybe you guys just need mothers." Kilmeade jammed the foot further down the gullet: "I guess you're busy (inaudible) idle time." Carter said "don't do that;" but he was on a roll: "Where are the women criminals?" Doocy interjected "Bonnie and Clyde." Kilmeade still rolling: "It's just one or two, it's amazing." He then went on to say that Megan Fox would be the perfect "Wonder Woman" for the upcoming, new "Wonder Woman" series. In a recent TV Guide interview, Brian Kilmeade said this about Fox & Friends, "My view of the audience is, we're not above them, we're with them. "We're talking to them, we're not reading to them. There is no arrogance. That's why people approach us so much. They feel like they can talk to us." Here's the thing, Brian, if you want to talk to people, you really need to start making sense! And one more thing, Brian. Women do commit crimes. To claim that they don't is both patronizing and sexist. We don't need you protecting us from reality.Stick to sports and Fox & Friends comedy. When you try to get serious, you make Doocy look like a wall of genius!


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