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Cavuto Suggests Viewers Should Cut Up Their AARP Cards

Reported by Ellen - November 8, 2010 -

Co-Authored By Brian

Friday’s Your World (11/5/10), devoted several segments to sneering at AARP for raising its workers' health insurance premiums by up to 13% after supporting health care reform. In one segment, Neil Cavuto said, “The AARP is blaming (the hike) more on higher medical costs than the law” but he more or less dismissed AARP's claims and, in another segment, cheered on a guest who had previously burned his AARP card. Cavuto also gave some not-so-subtle hints to his viewers that they might want to do the same.

Cavuto started off the interview with the card cutter with the “fair and balanced” question, "Maybe you were wise to cut up that card when you did?"

"Absolutely right,” Riotto said. “The seniors I know are just fed up with AARP and their liberal viewpoints and their support of Obamacare. That was the straw that broke our back… They said they spoke for us when they didn't, and a group of us just got together, put our cards in the middle of the street, and just burned ‘em."

As if he had not already hinted enough to his viewers, Cavuto now said, "Now, there are folks who are hearing this and probably want to burn their cards again. What do you tell members who didn’t do what you did back then?"

Riotto said seniors should "find other senior groups to use their monies to not go with the political parties, not go with health care… We are an independent group, Neil." Neither Cavuto nor Riotto mentioned what the name of that “independent group” was.

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