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Got Hypocrisy? Bill O'Reilly Sics Fans On Critic Cartoonist!

Reported by Priscilla - November 7, 2010 -

Bill O'Reilly claims to be a proponent of free speech and defends those who exercise it. He said that the South Park writers, who received death threats as a result of their Mohammed satire, were "courageous" because the "risk is higher than the reward." Bill certainly defended Juan William after Williams was fired from NPR for what was considered to be an anti-Islamic comment. So one questions whether Bill's reaction, to a cartoon which satirized him, was a tad - ah - hypocritical and an example of - ah - a double standard?! Mike Thompson of "The Detroit Free Press" recently created a cartoon which mocked Bill O'Reilly. Not surprisingly, O'Reilly (fan of courageous free speech) took umbrage. He then advised his fans to contact Mr. Thompson in order to let him know what they thought. He gave out the e-mail and instructed his viewers to "take the high road." (Wink Wink, Nudge, Nudge). Not surprisingly, Thompson's e-bomb contained death threats and other examples of Bill O'Reilly's fans' "high road" . But Bill does seem to see himself as a leader and as a leader it behooves him to exhort those he leads to action and if not action, a climate of hate surrounding those issues and people with whom he doesn't agree. (Wokers in the Washington Governor's office know too well the effects of an O'Reilly e-bomb!) In addition to encouraging his anti-choice fans to scream at women entering Dr. George Tiller's clinic, Bill's demonization of Tiller helped create a climate of hate in which the good doctor was murdered. But it appears that while he can "give it," he can't "take it." When faced with criticism, rather than respect his critic's "free speech," he encourages his fans to do the dirty work so, like ole P Pilate, Bill's hands are clean. Rather than encouraging "fair and balanced" discourse, Bill is, effectively, creating more hatred and division. Gotta love "traditionalist" Bill's Catholic, "pro-life," conservative family values!

Bill could have just joked that his tee-shirt would have been more appropriate for Glenn Beck. Instead, he took the low road by unleashing his homicidal krackens.


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