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Democrat Willie Brown Out-Argues Cavuto

Reported by Guest Blogger - November 6, 2010 -

By Brian

There’s nothing we like better than an unapologetic, muscular Democratic guest on Fox News and that’s exactly what we got when former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown visited Your World Thursday (11/4/10) to argue against repealing health care reform.

Brown said Congress "saw a problem, and they attempted to fix the problem." He said it was "extraordinarily courageous" to pass health care reform. With such courageous actions, he argued, “Invariably, you’re going to offend some people but invariably, you’re going to do good.”

Host Neil Cavuto said "I think what Republicans are saying, Mayor, is that this is doing good for too few, and mostly bad for too many, and it would not be unprecedented to go back and sort of start this thing over. And by the way, in our history it's not at all unprecedented. It’s happened quite often. So what would be wrong with that, to get it right?"

"It should be pointed out what they consider to be wrong," Brown said. "Do they consider (it) wrong covering people who have been cast to the side because they had some pre-existing condition? Do they consider it wrong to cover people who are students just graduating from college under the family plan that goes until they're age 26? I don't think so."

Cavuto acknowledged, “That’s a very good point.” He added, "I think the fear is that we are focused on all the wrong stuff. You’re right, there’s agreement on some of those key issues. But the overwhelming amount of waste and abuse and the added cost and the premium increase to address all this stuff is something that even your own party has said they never appreciated because, frankly, they never read it."

"As a former legislator,” Brown answered, “Any time there is an effort made to throw out something as comprehensive and as complicated and in many cases as necessary as is the health care plan, it is a mistake."

Cavuto grew testy and interrupted. "This thing is so pot full of with problems. It’s like a term paper, you might have done in school that from the get-go was a problem, and the professor just says… ‘Just do it over.’"

Brown had a great answer. "Neil, you can't compare somebody’s health to a term paper."

"Oh yes I can,” Cavuto interrupted again. “If the term paper said you are gonna cover everybody, and… you're leaving 30 million people out."

Brown never gave an inch. "That's inhumane to say to somebody who couldn't get any coverage at all, ‘You got to wait because I want to throw the whole thing out.’ …You proceed to do what you can."

Cavuto interrupted again. "I want you to go back to the 90% of Americans… who are facing these escalating premiums and say to them that you're just as concerned with the fix that they're in as a result… because it isn't all equal here."

Willie "It's never, ever equal in the Democratic process... You have to cover what you can."

“The best thing you can do sometimes with a turkey that’s burnt is throw it out and try another turkey,” Cavuto said.

Brown had another great comeback. “Neil, if there’s one leg on that turkey that’s worth eating…”

Cavuto interrupted again, this time to concede, “Yes, very good point… The turkey leg analogy was brilliant and I didn’t think of that.”

Willie Brown is our latest Top Dog.

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