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Rachel Maddow: Olbermann Suspension Proves MSNBC Not The Liberal Version Of Fox News

Reported by Ellen - November 5, 2010 -

Rachel Maddow closed her program tonight by discussing MSNBC’s suspension of her colleague, Keith Olbermann for having donated money to Democratic candidates without getting the network’s permission first. Maddow said she understood the rule but disagreed with the suspension and argued that management’s “point has been made and we should have Keith back hosting Countdown.” But she really scored with a breathtaking comparison of Olbermann’s behavior to the kind of GOP politicking that goes on at Fox News. She drove it all home by noting that there’s a “larger point that’s going mysteriously missing from all the right-wing cackling and the beltway old media cluck, cluck, clucking about this.”

Maddow concluded, "Let this incident lay to rest forever the facile, never-true-anyway, bull-pucky, lazy conflation of Fox News and what the rest of us do for a living. I know everybody likes to say, 'Oh, that's cable news, it's all the same. Fox and MSNBC, mirror images of each other.' Let this lay that to rest forever. Hosts on Fox raise money on the air for Republican candidates. They endorse them explicitly, they use their Fox News profile to headline fundraisers. Heck, there are multiple people being paid by Fox News now to essentially run for office as Republican candidates. If you count not just their hosts but their contributors, you are looking at a significant portion of the whole lineup of Republican contenders for 2012. They can do that because there's no rule against that as Fox. They run as a political operation; we're not."

Amen, sister.

Must see video. (H/T Huffington Post)

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