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O’Reilly Jokes About Beating Up And Beheading Dana Milbank

Reported by Ellen - November 5, 2010 -

Bill O’Reilly was still in a snit over Dana Milbank’s column the day before about Fox News’ election night coverage. Although Milbank said little about O’Reilly in the column, O’Reilly seemed to take Milbank’s criticisms of Fox completely personally. Megyn Kelly, who came off much worse, shrugged them off. But O’Reilly was so ticked off, he first joked about beating up Milbank and later about beheading him. O’Reilly also posted a photo of Milbank’s editor at The Washington Post and said thuggishly, “Have a nice weekend, buddy.” Classy.

Ironically, because O’Reilly’s main beef with Milbank’s column seemed to be that it was not truthful, O’Reilly began by misrepresenting what Milbank said. “(Milbank) said there were no Democrats except for (Doug) Schoen. We took him apart for that last night. It was an outright lie,” O’Reilly complained.

“It really was,” Kelly agreed.

Except that Milbank never said that. He wrote, “To be fair and balanced, Fox brought in a nominal Democrat, pollster Doug Schoen. ‘This is a complete repudiation of the Democratic Party,’ he proclaimed.” As I wrote previously, Milbank probably should have made it clear that Schoen was not the only Democrat to take part in Fox News’ election coverage but his description of Schoen as a “nominal Democrat” is spot on.

Milbank also cited comments by Kelly as examples of bias. Rather than show the clips so we could hear Kelly’s intonation and attitude, she read them on The Factor. Frankly, Kelly is sometimes biased and sometimes not so I’d have to hear how she said it. But what she read sounded suspicious to me: a glowing account of Barney Frank’s opponent, followed by saying that his bid for public office was “alas, not to be.” Same thing with her "interesting update" comment about a Democrat doing better than expected in a race.

But even if Milbank got it completely wrong, O’Reilly’s reaction was over the top. “I think you and I should go and beat (Milbank) up,” he joked.

Kelly laughed but, to her credit, she didn’t go there. “With all due respect to Dana Milbank, who cares what he thinks?” She later said that the proper response is “more speech and more expression of opinion.”

Not content to go after just Milbank, O'Reilly dragged the Washington Post into his vendetta. “It’s not him (Milbank) saying what he said. It’s the Washington Post allowing it. Don’t you see that?”

O’Reilly also posted a photo of Milbank’s editor, Fred Hiatt, on the screen. “Fred won’t do anything about Milbank lying in his column. I just want everybody in America to know what the Washington Post has come to… Fred, have a nice weekend, Buddy,” O’Reilly said, ominously. If I were Hiatt, I'd look out for an ambush visit from Jesse Watters.

Kelly challenged the attack on the Washington Post, saying Milbank “is an opinion guy.”

“It doesn’t matter,” O’Reilly told her. “When you give an opinion, it can’t be based on a lie and you can’t be taking things out of context like Media Matters does.”

Or like Sean Hannity does? Or Glenn Beck? Or how about Bill O’Reilly, himself? Has he gone down to the so-called Ground Zero Mosque site with his saw and hammer yet?

O’Reilly continued, “Look, I have been writing a column for 30 years. I would be fired by my syndicator if I did what he did.” Maybe so. But not from Fox News, evidently.
The conversation moved on to discuss a new law in Oklahoma banning recognition of sharia and international law. As the segment closed, O’Reilly asked, “Does sharia law say we can behead Dana Milbank? That was a JOKE, for you Media Matters people out there.” He added that a blog post would surely be headlined, “O’Reilly says we want to behead…”

Well, close.

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