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John Boehner: There’s A Lot Of Tricks Up Our Sleeves To Make Sure Health Care Reform Never Happens

Reported by Ellen - November 4, 2010 -

Presumptive Speaker of the House John Boehner was interviewed by Bret Baier on Special Report today. Boehner seemed almost maniacally determined to repeal health care reform. In fact, he made it clear he wanted to repeal it and “start over,” no matter how much time it takes, even though he acknowledged there were some provisions of the bill he considered “common sense reforms” that he supported. When Baier pointed out that repeal seems unlikely given the Democratically-controlled Senate and White House, Boehner said, “There’s a lot of uh, tricks up our sleeve in terms of how we can dent this, kick it, slow it down, to make sure it never happens.”

Boehner’s obstructionist, my-way-or-the-highway style of leadership was evident when Baier asked if the GOP might not consider some kind of compromise on tax cuts. Boehner responded, “We do not want to raise taxes on any American… I suspect we’re going to have a whale of a fight over taxes and spending… I am not going to compromise on my principles.”

He said the House would be on “offense” and hoped not to have to go on “defense.”

Boehner claimed that the one thing he’d do differently from 1994 (when the Republicans last took over the House) is “listening to the people.”

But the next question was about health care. Exit polling showed that Americans are about evenly divided on whether or not the recent health care reform bill should be repealed. But nothing seemed more urgent to Boehner.

Boehner: We are going to repeal Obamacare and replace it with common sense reforms that will bring down the cost of health insurance.

Baier: So what do you say to critics who say this vote is really a charade, knowing that a Democratic senate will either stop it or the president will veto it and that it’s taking time that you could be dealing with something else? Why not try to compromise and at least affect it now, the health care law, that you can?

Boehner: First and foremost, this is about the greatest health care system in the world. Secondly, let’s not forget, this is also about jobs. If you look at all of the requirements on employers, you can understand why they’re not hiring new employees – because we’ve raised the cost of employment. Beyond repealing Obamacare, we’re gonna do everything we can to stop this bill from being implemented, to make sure it never happens and, frankly, if we’re successful, this will become the number one issue in a presidential election in 2012.

Baier: How much time are you going to spend on this?

Boehner: As much as it takes.

Baier: You’ve criticized the president for spending too much time on health care. If you spend a lot of time trying to repeal it when it’s not a reality in the Democratic senate or in the presidential veto, won’t you get criticized for that?

Boehner: There’s a lot of uh, tricks up our sleeve in terms of how we can dent this, kick it, slow it down, to make sure it never happens. Trust me, I want to make sure this health care bill never. ever, ever is implemented.

Baier: So are you for preventing insurance companies from denying someone insurance based on pre-existing conditions?

Boehner: No, and there are common sense reforms that we can agree on that will bring down the cost of health insurance.

Baier: You’re going to start over?

Boehner Start over? That’s where we were a year ago. That’s where we were sixmonths ago. We’ve not changed our position on this at all.

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