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Fox "News" Website Does Some Hispanic Baiting?

Reported by Priscilla - November 4, 2010 -

Now that the election is over, Fox "News," basking in the glow of a Republican victory, must be thinking that folks are bored with kicking the Democrats around and need a new scapegoat. So what better way to keep hate alive than to resurrect an old scapegoat and engage in some good old "American" Hispanic baiting. Funny, when Rupert Murdoch was challenged by Democratic Representative Maxine Waters about his network's treatment of immigrants, he said that "we do not take any consistent anti-immigrant line." But here we have, as a secondary lede on today's Fox website, "I Pledge Allegiance, But In Spanish?" One suspects that this headline was sure to get those patriotic, real "American," nativist juices flowing. And suprise, surprise, this travesty towards those who hate pressing one for "Aynglish" (honest, that's how it was pronounced by the singers), is featured on the hate site, Fox Nation, which has an article by Fox's favorite culture clubber, Todd Starnes. The Fox website article explains the situation - i.e., this was an assignment for a Spanish class and not an ongoing thing. The assistant superintendent of schools "defended the class assignment, saying the school's language curriculum calls for students to translate and recite something that they are familiar with." (Hopefully she's not getting death threats in some quaint, regional, real American dialect! This is Oklahoma, where a law banning Sharia was just passed) Starnes article, however, states that the school has not commented. (Doesn't he read his Fox News website). Ah, don't ya love the sweet smell of Fox induced American jingoism? There's a culture war that's needs fighting and Fox has the weapons and the amunition. Hmmm, the "holidays" are just around the corner. Oh, noooo......


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