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Christine O'Donnell Not Going To Fox News

Reported by Priscilla - November 4, 2010 -

And all the people said, aw shucks! It's truly sad. The perky little anti-masturbation, evolution denying, born again Christian virgin and witch (but a good one!) won't be joining Fox News. It's so disappointing. She would have been so appropriate for Fox "News." Fox could have had Christine and Sarah Palin do some commentary together. As they both sport a similar hairdo and similar crazed right wing rhetoric, their "double teaming" could have appealed to those good conservative guys who have twin fantasies, if you know what I'm saying. She could have joined Bill O'Reilly's culture warriors for some ribald fun and some "traditionalist" oogling on Papa Bear's part. She could have added more insanity on Hannity whom she claimed was in her back pocket (hopefully no where else, if you know what I'm saying.) And if Fox wanted to really go outside the box, they could have replaced the more (relatively) intellectual Greta with Christine for the kind of non intellectual red meat that "real Americans" so love. She would have been so perfect for the wild and wooly carnival atmosphere on Fox & Friends where her irrational and limited thought processes would have been a match for Steve and Brian. The comedy would have been priceless. In replacing Gretchen Carlson, O'Donnell would have been the first non blonde to sit on that infamous couch. And being the fashionista that I am, I do suspect that O'Donnell's cleavaged couture would have been even more fabulous than Gretch's. But alas, Fox told "Mediaite" that "it has no plans to hire her." Think of the possibilities! Sob.....