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Fox News Blatantly Race Baits Over A Scary-Looking Black Man Outside Polling Place

Reported by Ellen - November 3, 2010 -

Ever on the alert for opportunities to race bait and take a swipe at the Obama administration at the same time, FoxNews.com reported this little tidbit yesterday: An apparent member of the New Black Panther Party was spotted Tuesday standing outside the same Philadelphia polling station where voter intimidation was reported two years ago. But if you read the article, Fox makes it clear there's absolutely no evidence the man is a NBPP member and he was doing nothing wrong - other than to volunteer at a polling place while being black. Talk about racial profiling! (H/T Alex)

The article goes on to say,

Monitors from the city government watchdog Committee of Seventy and other agencies have been keeping a close eye on the individual dressed in New Black Panther-style clothing, committee president Zack Stalberg told FoxNews.com.

He said the man, whom MyFoxPhilly tried to interview, has been there for several hours and is "not friendly," but that he doesn't appear to be causing a disturbance.

We already know that Fox personnel get nervous based on how people are dressed. But all we learned about what Fox News considers "New Black Panther-style clothing" was that guy wore "a pin showing his party affiliation, a black hat, glasses and leather coat," In other words, he sounds like he could have been almost anybody.

In fact, he COULD have been almost anybody, as far as anyone at Fox News knew because they got zero information about him, other than the fact that, as Zahlberg told Fox, the situation "hasn't presented itself as a problem, he was doing nothing wrong."

The unidentified man... would not answer questions posed by MyFoxPhilly, but was apparently working at the polls as a volunteer and greeting voters. There have, as of yet, been no reports of voter intimidation at the polling station.

But that didn't stop Fox from taking a swipe at the Obama administration anyway by noting that the DOJ threw out the voter intimidation case against the previous scary black men and adding that while DOJ election monitors had been in Philadelphia, it was "unclear" whether any had been at that particular polling place.

Or maybe Fox News missed them because they just didn't dress the part.