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Election 2010 A Fox News Victory Lap

Reported by Ellen - November 3, 2010 -

Probably the most amusing thing for a liberal about Fox News' election coverage last night was watching the hosts pretend not to be too enthusiastic about the results. They were enthusiastic enough to pass muster for Fox News' idea of "fair and balanced" but they tamped it down enough so as to make it difficult, if not impossible, to take a clip and go, "AHA! Bias!" However, Dana Milbank captured the subtle spin after an 18-hour marathon of Fox watching that he distilled into a column in today's Washington Post.

Milbank wrote:

(E)ven in cases where the figures didn't point in the Republicans' favor, Fox's far-flung correspondents found reason to celebrate. Trace Gallagher, reporting on the Senate race in California, said: "The numbers appear to favor the incumbent, Barbara Boxer, the three-term senator, but the mood here in California, John, really seems to be going toward Carly Fiorina's way.

...As Fox's Megyn Kelly announced that one Democratic senator, expected to lose big, was in a race "too close to call," she commented: "That's, uh, an interesting update."

Bill O'Reilly was in a snit tonight over the fact that Milbank named only one Democrat in the coverage, "nominal Democrat" Doug Schoen. It's true that through the course of the evening there were several more Democratic panelists on hand, many of whom did not declare the night "a complete repudiation of the Democratic Party," as Schoen did. So maybe Milbank should have made it clearer that Schoen was not the only Democrat but his point still stands. Schoen is the kind of Democratic pundit only Fox News could love,

Another possible quibble: I watched most of the complete evening coverage and did not hear Megyn Kelly utter "Alas," as news arrived that Barney Frank had retained his Congressional seat. I was busy doing other things and could have missed it. But, frankly, it's not the kind of thing Kelly ordinarily says. Her spin is more of the Trace Gallagher kind.

That said, everything else was right on target.

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