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Haley Barbour Gives Hannity Viewers A Pep Talk For Voting Republican

Reported by Ellen - November 2, 2010 -

To cap off a campaign season full of Republican electioneering, Sean Hannity hosted Haley Barbour last night (11/1/10) for a little talking up the benefits of getting out and voting – and it was just assumed that the voting would be Republican. Among other reasons, Barbour told viewers that voting for Republican governors could help defeat President Obama in 2012.

Hannity asked Barbour to explain how “there’s a lot more at stake” in the election “than most people may know,” meaning that he wanted Barbour to explain the importance of governors in the coming redistricting process.

Barbour answered, “It’s very important, particularly if you have a state with a Democratic majority in the legislature to have a Republican governor who can be sure that you get a fair chance in the redistricting.”

Barbour went on to say that Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa are swing states that "all had Democratic governors in 2008. Every one of them could have a Republican governor in 2012 and that will make a difference for our Republican nominee. Having a strong Republican governor, who’s aggressively supporting the candidate can help in Ohio (and) Illinois.” Barbour went on to note that if Ted Strickland is re-elected as governor of Ohio, “Obama has a better chance” of being re-elected in 2012. “The good news for your viewers is, John Kasich is more likely to win that race.”

Before the segment closed, Barbour said, “The big thing is actually getting out and voting tomorrow. We look great in the polls, we’ve got the wind at our back, the issues are on our side but now people actually have to get out and vote. If we have a big turnout, it’s gonna be a great day for Republicans tomorrow."

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