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A Glimpse Of What’s To Come If GOP Wins Control Of Congress

Reported by Guest Blogger - November 2, 2010 -

By Brian

On Your World yesterday (11/1/10), Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) gave viewers a glimpse of the kind of uncompromising gridlock, budget cuts and giveaways for the rich we can expect if Republicans win control of Congress.

Host Neil Cavuto asked, “Do you share Mr. Boehner’s view that compromise is not necessarily the operative word here? You guys are going to be pretty tough?"

McMorris Rodgers answered, "We’re gonna look for those opportunities where we can work together to move forward but we believe that the current direction is way off track. That the borrow, spend, bailout policies, the health care reform, it is not what America wants. And we're going to stand firm. We're not going to compromise. We believe that health care reform should be repealed. We believe that we need to get our fiscal house in order. We need to focus on policies that are actually going to help create jobs, and get us on a path to a balanced budget. On that list, we’re not compromising."

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