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On America Live, Liz Cheney Exploits Thwarted Terror Plot To Fear Monger About President Obama

Reported by Ellen - October 30, 2010 -

It takes a sick person to use a thwarted terror plot as a vehicle to deliberately frighten Americans for her own partisan purposes but that’s exactly what Liz Cheney did on Fox News yesterday (10/29/10) and with a bit of help from America Live host Megyn Kelly. The two were discussing the intercepted packages from Yemen to the U.S., found to contain explosives, when suddenly, apropos of nothing related to this incident, Cheney went on a tear complaining that President Obama’s Afghanistan policies are making us more vulnerable to Al Qaeda. Kelly not only didn’t object to this blatant attempt to self-servingly exploit a serious situation, she actually helped it along.

Cheney signaled her partisan agenda early on when she told Kelly that the incident showed how important “our efforts in Afghanistan” are. Cheney offered nothing to show a connection between the packages from Yemen and Afghanistan. But, according to her, it proved “why it’s so important that we cannot simply pull out at an arbitrary deadline next July but that we’ve got to be there to win and we’ve got to be there to ensure that Al Qaeda does not again get the safe haven from which to operate in Afghanistan.”

Later, Kelly dealt Cheney the anti-Obama opening she had probably been hoping for if not expecting. Referencing a report saying that the TSA and Homeland Security were going to heighten security measures in the wake of the incident, Kelly asked, “What good does it do as a practical matter or do we need to be focused more on – like you pointed out – co-operation with our allies, shoring up our intel on a more global scale than what a lot of people, let’s face it, consider no more than mere comfort checks as we go through security at the airports?”

Of course, Cheney is no airline security expert. In fact, she’s not a security expert at all. She’s an attorney and a specialist in Middle East policy. But she pivoted quickly back to her fear mongering attack on the president. “Well, Megyn, I think we need to do it all… and certainly I think it’s important for us to make sure that we have taken every step we can to ensure the safety of air travel. But I think what we have to understand is that this probing that Al Qaeda does, and that we’ve seen them do, frankly – historically, they look for the weakest spot in our system… And that’s why intelligence becomes so important. It’s why I believe that the steps that this president has taken, for example, threatening to prosecute intelligence officials, are so dangerous and damaging for the nation. It’s why the Wikileaks, the leaks are so damaging. Because when you’re in a situation where other countries’ intelligence services begin to wonder if they can count on us, and have to worry that information they share with us will then become public, that people could be killed because of it, it makes that cooperation frankly much more difficult.”

Cheney continued on her partisan, “keep fear alive” digression without objection from Kelly. “And it’s that cooperation at the end of the day that’s so critical for winning this war and again, denying safe havens, making clear that we won’t allow Afghanistan to become a safe haven… This president continues to say we’re going to begin withdrawing in July next year and that is very dangerous and very damaging for the Taliban, for Al Qaeda to think they just have to wait until after July and they will then again have a safe haven there from which to plot attacks… I worry that this administration has not been on the offense nearly as much as they need to be."

Kelly feigned objectivity by saying that she was sure the Obama administration would want her to point out that they have used drones very effectively and that they had committed an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan “even though there is this withdrawal beginning deadline, not to mention the system in this case does appear to have worked, in particular, they say, because an ally cooperated by giving us a tip.” But then Kelly immediately added, “In any event, you frame the issues well.”

Right, Cheney framed the issue “well” by emphasizing extraneous matters to make viewers think they were in even more danger than they knew.

Perhaps emboldened by Kelly’s tacit approval, Cheney widened the scope of her fear mongering to include Guantanamo Bay prisoners. “It’s important for us, obviously, to say that any time that an attack is prevented, that’s a good thing but that we can’t depend upon treating terrorism like a law enforcement matter. It doesn’t matter that we have recently been able to get plea bargains, for example, from one of the terrorists in Guantanamo Bay. That has no impact whatsoever on terrorists continuing to plot attacks against us.”

Kelly didn’t bother to hide her opinions now. “Exactly, yeah,” she said.

Cheney took another not-so-subtle dig at Obama. “So my point is just that we clearly have to be on the offense and we have to realize we’re at war.”

Kelly agreed again. “Yeah, sadly, that is the case as today, perhaps, proves. It’s as your Dad’s and George Bush’s administration used to say all the time, that they wake up every day thinking about new ways to kill us and sadly, that just appears to be the hard truth.”

Kelly didn’t say “it’s the hard truth that Obama just doesn’t get” but she really didn’t need to by then.

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