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Andrew Breitbart Hired By ABC To Provide Election Night Analysis

Reported by Ellen - October 30, 2010 -

What, was James O'Keefe unavailable?

Media Matters reports,

After Breitbart's BigJournalism.com website reported that Breitbart would "be bringing analysis live from Arizona" for ABC, Media Matters confirmed his participation in a town hall meeting anchored by ABC's David Muir and Facebook's Randi Zuckerberg that will be featured in the network's coverage.

Asked about Breitbart's history of unethical behavior and misinformation, ABC News' David Ford told Media Matters: "He will be one of many voices on our air, including Bill Adair of Politifact. If Andrew Breitbart says something that is incorrect, we have other voices to call him on it."

Well, that's comforting to know that Breitbart will be called on any "incorrect" statements but shouldn't a news network find someone they can be confident will only have to debate his opinions, not the truth?

This is, after all, the same guy who released the deceptive Shirley Sherrod video, apparently without vetting it, and who openly admitted he did it to discredit the NAACP.

The same guy whose ACORN videos were thoroughly discredited.

The same guy who accused the Congressional Black Caucus of provoking racial attacks from the Tea Party that Breitbart also said never happened.

The guy who brought us James O'Keefe, the phony phony-pimp videographer, phone tamperer and would-be seducer/humiliator of a CNN reporter.

The guy who dissembled after getting punk'd by an ACORN worker.

He's also the guy who blackmailed the Obama administration by threatening to release more tapes ("not just ACORN") during the 2010 election cycle if Attorney General Eric Holder didn't conduct a federal investigation into ACORN. Maybe Breitbart plans to release those tapes on Election Day - because there's only a few days left to the cycle and I don't think there has been a federal investigation into ACORN.

What on earth is a guy like Breitbart going to offer ABC News' viewers other than statements that are at best questionable?

You can contact ABC News via their webmail.

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