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Fox News "Objective News" More Biased Than Ever

Reported by Ellen - October 29, 2010 -

Not that we needed anyone to tell us this but Media Matters' Joe Strupp spoke to some Fox News insiders who reported that the pressure on them to slant coverage to the right has grown since Obama took office. Strupp suggests that it's not merely because of Obama but also because Bill Sammon, Washington managing editor and vice president of news, is less of a "firewall" to Fox management than his predecessor Brit Hume was.

Strupp wrote:

Sources tell Media Matters that the situation in the Fox Washington bureau represents a dramatic change from when Hume was managing editor.

According to one source, the pressure to slant Fox's reporting is coming from Sammon himself. Another source says that directives are coming from Fox management in New York and that Sammon -- unlike Hume -- doesn't have enough sway to push back.

..."[There is] more pressure from Sammon to slant news to the right or to tell people how to report news, doing it in a more brutish way," one source with knowledge of the situation said. "A lot of the reporters are conservative and are glad to pick up news. But there is a point at which it is no longer reporting, but distorting things."

Clearly this is causing some friction in the newsroom.

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