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This Election A Referendum On Fox News

Reported by Ellen - October 27, 2010 -

David Neiwert has a great post at Crooks and Liars called, Maybe We Should Just Call This The Fox Election. In it, he points out just how far and deep Fox News' influence has gone: from promoting the Tea Parties, to helping the GOP fundraise on the air to the "death panels" attacks on health care reform Fox News has been a driving engine in the 2010 narrative.

As Neiwert writes:

Let's be honest: The Republican Party would be dead in the water right now were it not for Fox and its ceaseless efforts... at reviving the conservative movement brand... It's obvious that we don't really have a Republican Party anymore. It's now a wholly owned subsidiary of Fox News. And that's who this election is really about.

Neiwert also says, "Maybe it's just me, but I'm not quite there yet. I'm especially not ready to hand over governance of the country to a propaganda news network."

Me neither, David.

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