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Megyn Kelly Goes Homophobic In Advancing Archbishop Dolan’s Attack On NY Times?

Reported by Priscilla - October 27, 2010 -

Oh look who is reinforcing Catholic League President Bill Donohue’s homophobic rant regarding the sinful NY Times which has the audacity to write favorable reviews about media events that NY Catholic Archbishop Timothy Dolan doesn’t like. Why it's Fox News’ house clergyman, Father Jonathan Morris, who is just so outraged about that outrageous NY Times, ACT UP, and an off Broadway spoof of Hollywood depictions of nuns. Not surprisingly, his hissy fit was validated by Megyn Kelly whose last conversation with the puckish padre was about how those dirty Muslims, who have "no absolute right to religious liberty, need to show some concern about the “common good” and move their nasty Islamic cultural center someplace where good Christians won’t be offended. If only we could bring back the good old days of the Inquisition, Archbishop Tim would be able to throw the offending newspapers, their authors, and the cast of the nasty play on the bonfire; but sadly, for the Bishop, we live in a secular, diverse democracy which has, as one of its evil secular tenets, freedom of speech. But Dolan has issued a fatwa against the NY Times; and as such, he is being assisted in this mission from God by the legion of decency in America’s Christian newsroom, Fox News which, on Monday, gave wild Bill Donohue a platform for his unrebutted homophobic freak out about these egregious, anti-Catholic offenses. And yesterday we had Father Jonathan who, while not going the homo hating route except for a teensy comment at the end of his homily, is certainly quite upset. And because he is upset he even told a little fib. Or maybe he was just confused. Poor Father Jonathan, those gay themed ACT UP posters can be just so disturbing.

This isn't the first time that Dolan has attacked the NY Times. He got pissed about Maureen Dowd's article comparing what she sees as the the misogyny of the Catholic Church with Islamic fundamentalists. He also got his holy dander up about an article concerning sexual abuse in the Jewish community which didn’t have the “outrage” that the Times, according to Dolan, shows in articles about pedophile Catholic priests. Kelly reported on the “fired up” Archbishop’s accusations that the Times is “unfair and inaccurate.” She introduced her guest and mentioned that he had introduced her to Dolan. Father Morrison cited those “nasty, disgusting” (ewww) “photos of nuns” included in the NY Times review of "Divine Sister." (They are actors, Padre) and “Cardinal O’Connor, dressing him up as a condom.” (Uh, no, he is pictured, as himself, right next to a condom but I do think dressing up as a priest in a condom would make a fabulous Halloween costume!) Morris said that the bishop is “taking a stand for the principals of Christianity.” (Funny, other non Catholic clergy aren’t flocking to the cause) “in front of a newspaper that has chosen to go specifically against the Catholic church, against Christianity when” – are ya ready for it – “they would never dare publish such photos against any other group.” He used, as an example, “dressing up” Jesse Jackson and Mohammed (Uh, Jesse Jackson and Mohammed weren’t pictured on Act Up posters because they, unlike the Catholic Church, didn’t oppose condom distribution to fight AIDS). In describing the art exhibit, Kelly did air quotes around “exhibit.” She also claimed that O’Connor was “in a condom” with “a really offensive term underneath it.” She added that the NY Times “thinks it’s great” and that’s what irritated Dolan who is saying that ACT UP “has no idea” what O’Connor history was with gays and AIDS. She didn’t mention that the poster was done at a time when O’Connor was fighting distribution of condoms and a city anti-discrimination policy that included gays. Morris cited O’Connor’s work and compassion for gay AIDS victims and he summarized Dolan’s most recent comment regarding the Times.

Kelly continued with her comment that Dolan was upset with a play that “mocks Catholicism.” Note - she said, as fact - not as Dolan's opinion, that the play "mocks Catholicism." She did say that the Times told Dolan that their theater critics are entitled to their opinion. Morris got quite excited about this great big photo of a nun in a “provocative, gross stance.” (ewww) Neither Kelly nor Morris explained that this play is a spoof of Hollywood nun movies. Morris repeated how the NY Times wouldn’t do this to any other religion because they know that it’s wrong but they don’t think it’s wrong to insult these nuns. (Hey padre, what part of spoof, don’t you get?) He blithered about how marvelous nuns were and how the NY Times just doesn’t “get it.” (Hey padre, what part of spoof, don’t you get?) He claimed that the NY Times has a problem with “Christian principals.” Kelly said that a lot of people like Dolan because “he speaks frankly.” She added that the group behind the play is “Rainbow Sash” that’s been known for disrupting Mass. She sneered as she stated that the group berated Dolan for having a “public hissy fit.” The little priest saved the best for last: “common sense suggests that there’s an agenda behind it.”

Comment: In addition to the usual agitprop about the evil NYTimes, there was another propaganda agenda here. Not only was ACT UP denigrated; but Kelly maligned a gay organization. Considering the agenda behind the systematic enabling and cover-up of sexual abuse by Catholic priests, Morris has a lot of nerve talking about “an agenda.” “News” person Megyn Kelly didn’t explain that “Rainbow Sash” is a religiously based gay advocacy group which wears rainbow sashes, on Pentecost, to Catholic Masses in order to affirm their dignity and engage in a silent protest against what they consider to be the homophobia of the Roman Catholic Church. If Kelly wants to talk about “agenda,” maybe she should discuss how the Catholic Archdiocese of Minnesota has teamed up with homophobic National Organization for Marriage in order to get a conservative Catholic, anti-gay politician elected governor. I guess that in addition to being America’s Catholic Newsroom, Fox is now America’s gay bashing newsroom! Oh, and Father Johnny, if you don’t like drag humor, don’t watch it.

"Dressed up in a condom?"

"Provocative, gross stance?" (And not a "great big photo")



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