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Fox News Prime Time GOP Fundraising Of The Day Goes To Barney Frank’s Opponent

Reported by Ellen - October 27, 2010 -

Sean Hannity hosted Congresman Barney Frank’s Congressional opponent, Sean Bielat, for some blatant campaign assistance last night (10/26/10) that included a not-so-subtle hint for Bielat to pimp his money bomb.

Hannity began the interview by rhetorically addressing Frank: “I think the reason you are in the toughest race of your career… (has) everything to do with our next guest, Republican… Sean Bielat.”

Frank may be in the toughest race of his career but that doesn’t make it tough. He’s currently 13 points ahead in the latest poll. FiveThirtyEight.com gives Frank a 97% chance of winning. But OK, that's down from 100% earlier in the year.

Hannity, with the evident approval of Fox News, was obviously eager to lower those odds for Frank. First, he shot off a slew of attacks on Frank. Later, Hannity made it clear he was displeased with Senator Scott Brown for not campaigning for Bielat.

In between, Hannity followed up with a question about Bielat’s funds. Given that Hannity has become the go-to guy for GOP fundraising on the air, it’s very hard to believe he was not deliberately setting up an opportunity for Bielat to plug his website.

Hannity said, “(Frank) is obviously mad that you are getting support from a lot of people around the country. How much have you been able to raise now?”

“We’re well over a million dollars,” Bielat said, noting that Frank still had a fundraising lead. “That’s why we’re running a money bomb that closes tomorrow.” And he gave the name of the website. “If anybody wants to support us, we could really use the help.”

Hannity laughed heartily at the name of the website, which I refuse to print.

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