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Fox News Double Standard? NY Post Praises “Divine Sister”

Reported by Priscilla - October 27, 2010 -

Earlier this week, the Fox “News” channel upped the ante on its ongoing right wing propaganda about the evil, left wing NY Times by providing validation for those who support NY Archbishop Timothy Dolan’s allegation that the Times is anti-Catholic. NY Archbishop Timothy Dolan has his cassock in a twist because Times, in addition to giving favorable reviews to a play and an art exhibit that Dolan doesn’t like, included photos that the Archbishop considers to be obscene. Acting as his spokesmen were right wing Catholic League President, Bill Donohue and Fox News’ resident (and only) clergyman, Catholic priest Father Jonathan Morris. While Donohue, on Fox & Friends, saved his ire for the ACT-UP exhibit, Father Morris, on Megyn Kelly's "America Live," (the title of the Fox Video is "NY Times Anti-Catholic Bias?") was most agitated about how the off Broadway hit, “Divine Sister,” was offensive to nuns. He also thought that the photos, in the NY Times theater review, were “nasty and disgusting.” When Kelly claimed that a radical gay group, that “disrupts Mass,” was behind the play, Father Morrison conspiratorially hinted at an “agenda.” But wait, hold on, ohmagawed – Murdoch’s NY Post theater critic, Elizabeth Vincentelli, provides a rave review. In her article, “In Divine Comedy, This Mother’s Superior,” she describes the “arch camp” humor in a show that “won't win prizes for sophistication, but it sure could be habit-forming.” So shouldn’t the Archbishop, Fox “News,” Bill Donohue, and Father Morrison be concerned how the NY Post, like the NY Times, has “a problem with Christian principals.” I’m confused….