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Don't Believe The Fox News Fear Mongering About Overseas Ballots

Reported by Ellen - October 25, 2010 -

We were recently contacted by a representative of the Federal Voting Assistance Program in response to our posts about Fox News' faux military ballots controversy. As a companion piece to their trumped up accusations about the New Black Panther Party, Fox is now accusing the Obama administration of not enforcing a deadline for getting out military and overseas ballots, despite a lack of evidence that that's really the case. Now, we've got evidence to the contrary. Some states have an agreement with the DOJ to extend the deadline to receive ballots from military service members and other U.S. citizens living overseas. Military and overseas voters can also access their ballots online via FVAP.gov.

Erin E St Pierre, Communications Specialist for the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP), told us that voters can get their ballot from FVAP.gov, complete it and print it with just a few clicks. Here's St. Pierre's explanation:

For example, choose who you are (military or overseas citizen, 1st click), then choose your state from the map (2nd click), then choose “get your ballot” (3rd click). Complete the ballot, print and sign it. It takes less than ten minutes.

When completed, the package presented includes the ballot, envelope template, and instructions on submitting the ballot (address, fax and email for election official are included). Postage is even free when using the envelope template (http://www.fvap.gov/resources/media/returnenvelope.pdf), and the Military Postal System Agency has provided free express mail and tracking for overseas military (go to the MPO and ask for form Label 11-DOD). Also, FedEx has special options for overseas citizens (https://www.overseasvotefoundation.org/overseas/ExpressYourVote.htm). It’s that easy.

St. Pierre also noted, "Just because the state didn’t get the paper ballots out in time, does not mean military and overseas citizens cannot vote, they can... With elections less than two weeks away, voters need to know they can still request and receive their ballots within a matter of minutes. Absentee voting no longer takes weeks, but minutes."

So don't buy Fox News' hype. Oh, and make sure to vote!

Note: I went to www.fvap.gov and, though I had some trouble accessing the site from my Mac for some reason, using my PC I was easily able to get to the step of asking for a ballot (which, of course, I did not do).

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