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Catholic League’s Bill Donohue Engages In Homophobic Rant On Fox & Friends

Reported by Priscilla - October 25, 2010 -

As an uber right wing Catholic, Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, is warmly welcomed on the Fox “News” channel where he is allowed to whine about prejudice against Catholics and spew his homophobic histrionics about gays which includes blaming gays for the pedophilia crisis (and if there was no actual sex, it wasn’t rape) in the Catholic Church. Donohue, not an official spokesperson for the Catholic Church, actually combines his homophobia with anti-Semitism as shown by his comment that "Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular ... Hollywood likes anal sex.” Good Catholic Donohue, (dress him up in nun drag, give him a ruler, and he’s my 8th grade teacher) was last seen on Fox & Friends where he twice publicized his jihad (whoops catholic crusade) against the “little preppy boys” (!?!) at the Empire State Building management because they wouldn’t light up the building for Mother Teresa’s birthday. And now America’s number one Catholic homo hater is back on Fox & Friends to loudly bitch about how the evil NY Times praised an art exhibit that Bill and his pal, NY’s archbishop Timothy Dolan, don’t like - The subject of the exhibit – “guerrilla art” posters done by ACT UP. Donahue also ranted about how the NY Times published an offensive photo in their review of a play about nuns that Donohue and Dolan don’t like. So it’s another one sided agitprop twofer for Fox & Friends – persecuted Catholics and the evil, librul NY Times. There’s a gay, Jewish, liberal, and NYTimes agenda out there folks, and Fox “News” wants you to know about it!

Good Catholic Steve Doocy introduced the segment by reporting that NY Catholic Bishop Dolan has “lashed out” at the NY Times for “praising what some see as anti-Catholic cultural events.” Not surprisingly, Dolan said that the insensitivity shown towards Catholics isn’t shown towards Jews, Muslims, blacks, and gays. (Obviously Dolan doesn’t watch Fox News which certainly provides lots of negative coverage of Muslims and blacks (read “New Black Panther “voter intimidation” “scary black man thing” while turning a blind eye towards Glenn Beck’s anti-Semitic connections and now this, on Fox.) Good Christian (but heretic Lutheran!) Gretchen Carlson set up the agitprop in her summary of how Donohue believes that there is a “double standard” with the NY Times. Donohue blithered about how the NY Times showed a picture of the “Blessed Virgin” covered with dung as their accompanying photo to an article on an art exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum in the 90’s but wouldn’t publish the Danish cartoons. Doocy said “right.” He then accused the NY Times of supporting anti-Catholic art and theater. He claimed that “they have no problem with bigotry against Catholics.” (Must be those Jews in management, right Bill?) Doocy cited how Dolan was “steamed” about the reviews of the aforementioned play and art exhibit. The agitprop chyon (statement of fact – no question mark) “Insensitive Reviews, Archbishop Dolan Slams NY Times.” Sister Bill shouted that the play “Divine Sisters” was considered “vulgar and irreverent by the people who liked it.” Gretch and Steve tittered. He then said that the art exhibit showed a picture of NY’s Cardinal O’Connor (died 2000) beside words that “I’m not going to use on television.” (O’Connor was shown next to a condom. The title of the poster was “Know Your Scumbags.” Next to the condom was “this one prevents AIDS.”) O’Connor, BTW, opposed civil rights for gays and opposed condom distribution because it was contrary to church teaching. This was not mentioned on Fox & Friends. Donohue described the photo as “this kind of filth” and then made a comment that is truly a spit out the coffee moment:

"if everybody practiced what the Catholic Church teaches in terms of sexuality, you wouldn't even have people dying of AIDS.”

After claiming that the Catholic Church spends lots of money “servicing people dying with AIDS, he closed with some nice, Catholic homophobia when he complained that “yet we continue to get it by these gay bigots.”

Comment: If Fox & Friends weren’t just interested in persecuted Catholic outrage, they could have pointed out that the play, “Divine Sisters,” is an “Off-Broadway hit that spoofs classic Hollywood films featuring nuns” and that it is a “comic homage to nearly every Hollywood film involving nuns: “The Song of Bernadette,” “The Bells of St. Mary’s,” “The Singing Nun” and “Agnes of God.” The photo shows a scene that parodies a scene in “The Bells of St. Mary’s” where a nun gives boxing lessons to a boy. And regarding the argument that the Church can’t be criticized because it provides charity to AIDS victims, Debra Dickerson says it best: “You steal my car then expect praise for getting the oil changed regularly? Why not argue that the church can't be criticized for the pedophilia it blighted the Earth with, while doing all that charity work, unless we're willing to ask them to take their ball and go home.” And speaking of pedophilia, papers from the Catholic Diocese of San Diego were just released and they “show a familiar pattern of nondisclosure, priest transfers and fear of bad publicity.” Looks like these priests weren’t following what Holy Mother Church “teaches in terms of sexuality.” Maybe Donohue, Dolan, and Fox & Friends should be concerned with that, rather than whining about insensitivity towards Catholics by the NY Times.


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