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Bill O’Reilly’s Muslim Problem?

Reported by Priscilla - October 24, 2010 -

Despite his apologies to those who were offended by Bill O’Reilly’s statement on The View," regarding his comment that opposition to Park 51 is fine and dandy because “Muslims attacked us on 9-11,” Bill O’Reilly still has no problem painting Muslims with a very broad brush. His “apology,” prefixed with “if you were offended,” suggests that he has no problem with his belief that those who attacked us on 9-11 weren’t Muslims whose views were radicalized – but, rather, a reflection of Islam. One suspects that if a liberal talker said that Catholicism was responsible for abortion clinic violence, Bill would not be onboard with that line of thinking. Since his visit to “The View,” Bill has continued his attack on Islam. When he talked about how “political correctness” prevents us from throwing all Muslims into detention camps (I’m being snarky but you know what I mean), Juan Williams agreed that he gets nervous if he’s on a plane with those he identifies as Muslims. (Course the 9-11 gang looked “Western” and even today, there are those who are get nervous around African Americans; but I digress). O’Reilly, who doesn’t think the First Amendment pertains to the Westboro Baptist Church, is all vaclempt about NPR’s firing of Williams who, like O’Reilly, might prefer a religious litmus test for those with airline tickets. But Bill isn’t backing down. As noted in his column of 10-21, he maintains that the world has a “Muslim problem” – note, not a “radical Muslim problem - when the reality is that Bill O’Reilly seems to have a Muslim problem.

As News Hounds Ellen pointed out, Bill said that “there is no question that there is a Muslim problem in the world.” In his screed on October 15th, he actually said that “the whole world fears Muslim terrorists will murder people in their respective countries. The entire world is concerned about that.” Considering the countries in the world that might face radical Islamic terrorism, it would appear that Bill’s statement contains a bit of hyperbole especially considering that “Islamic terrorism,” according to Bill, is actually separatist terrorism, no different than that of the non Islamic Tamil separatists, by those who happen to be Muslim. (Thailand, Phillipines, Chechnya). If one uses Bill’s “logic,” the IRA were Roman Catholic terrorists. Echoing Huntington’s “clash of civilization” meme, O’Reilly also claimed that there is “bitter conflict” between the Muslim world and the west. In support of this, O’Reilly cited neo-con Cliff Mays who opposes Park 51 because of the people who were killed “in the name of Islam.” That this is a perversion of Islam seems to have eluded Mays and O’Reilly. Bill claims that liberals want to “sever the ties connection between terrorism and Islam” – note, not “radical” Islam. Bill actually blamed Muslims for terrorism when he said that “if moderate Muslims would ally with the USA, jihad would not exist.” (Bill did his gosh darned best to keep up the anti-choice jihad which resulted in the murder of Dr. Tiller!) Obviously Bill doesn’t realize that we are “allied” with a number of moderate Muslim states such as Turkey and Jordan. In his same screed, Bill said that Muslims have a poor impression of America, but he didn’t elaborate on why that might be the case – such as the invasion of a sovereign Muslim country that posed no threat to the United States – an invasion that resulted in the torture and deaths of innocent Iraqis including women and children. But then Bill doesn’t do nuance. His is a world of good and evil with liberals and others whom Bill deems anathema while the conservative “traditionalists” are on the side of good. It’s a dualistic world that Bill (and I) grew up in – a world where “non Cathlics” (and even Italian Catholics!) were considered bad and a world in which the education system featured a Catechism that had both the questions and the answers. But if Bill’s audience skews older and Catholic, it’s not surprising that they just accept, on faith alone, what Father Bill says.

And lest you think that Bill is motivated by some higher power, he did admit, regarding "The View" segment, that "I could milk a number of segments for my TV program."


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