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Juan Williams Channels Bill O’Reilly: Calls NPR “Far Left Mob” And Talks Up Defunding NPR

Reported by Ellen - October 23, 2010 -

It’s understandable, to be expected even, that Juan Williams would be upset with NPR for firing him, even if he has received a new, multi-million dollar contract with Fox News which, as Mediaite describes it, “greatly expands his role there.” But Williams seems not just unassuaged, he has jumped on Fox News’ long-time anti-NPR bandwagon to the point of sounding enthusiastic about the right-wing campaign that has sprung up anew to defund it. Williams sat in for Bill O’Reilly last night (10/22/10) and began to sound like him in other ways, too.

In the Talking Points Commentary, Williams played a clip of NPR’s Vivian Schiller talking about Williams’ firing and added, “Have you no shame, Madam? You and your far left mob fired me. Wasn’t that enough for you?”

Far left mob? Come on, Juan. That’s taking it a bit far, don’t you think? Was that you or O’Reilly talking?

In a later segment, Williams brought on Senator Tom Coburn to discuss removing all federal funding for public broadcasting. Williams introduced the segment by saying, “Should American taxpayers be forced to give their hard-earned dollars to public broadcasting? …Maybe (public broadcasting doesn’t) need our largesse at all.”

Williams asked Coburn, “How could it (defunding) actually happen? Because we’ve heard this talk before but it never ever happens.

Also sounding like O’Reilly, Williams played the race card during the Talking Points segment: “Any minority, but especially a black person, is not allowed to be anything but a liberal. If they stray off the farm, they are demonized, their skills are trashed.”

Williams continued with an attack on liberals, in general: “I used to think the left wing was the home of tolerance, open-mindedness, respect for all viewpoints. But now, I’ve learned the truth the hard way.”

Williams, the right wing’s new poster child for “honest” discussion bigotry, is on the road to being an even better poster child for a Fox News “liberal,” that is one who adopts right-wing causes as their own, with bonus points for anyone attacking the left at the same time.

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