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Carly Fiorina Makes Another Visit To GOP Election HQ, AKA Fox News

Reported by Ellen - October 23, 2010 -

Carly Fiorina, California’s Republican U.S. Senate candidate, returned to Fox News last night (10/22/10) with a visit to the Hannity show. There, she didn’t have to worry about any pesky attempts to pin her down on the issues. In fact she didn’t have to talk about the issues much at all – though she kept insisting that was her focus. However, the one subject she repeatedly returned to was promoting her website for fundraising.

Hannity did attempt to engage Fiorina somewhat on the issues. He said, “One of the issues that has emerged in the campaign… is the issue of Roe v. Wade… And Barbara Boxer is trying to attack you, calling you ‘too conservative’ for this traditionally blue state… a key senate vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. Your reaction.”

But just as when Fox' Chris Wallace tried to get her to name one entitlement expenditure she'd cut, Fiorina refused to discuss what she’d do if elected into office. Instead, just as with Wallace, she pivoted to attack Boxer. “Well, look, as I’ve told you many times on your show, I am a conservative and I am a pro-life conservative but this is very typical for Barbara Boxer…” And then Fiorina was off to an attack on Boxer’s record on jobs.

And the next thing you knew, Fiorina said, “People can help us out by going to (she named her website). We can win this race. It is ours to lose now (not quite). Think about what an incredible symbol and signal it would be to Washington, D.C. if we were to unseat one of the most bitterly partisan, liberal career politicians in Washington, D.C.” Then she repeated her website url again.

Fiorina followed that up with more attacks on Boxer: “This is a senator who is not a friend of our fighting men and women.” …The main thing she’s done is name things… (and) vote for trillions of dollars in higher taxes.”

Finally, Hannity asked, “What are your closing arguments in the final days of this campaign that you think can turn this race around and take a blue state… and turn it red?”

Fiorina told Hannity, “The closing argument will be what it has been all year long,” meaning jobs, spending and more attacks on Boxer.

Then she named her website again and added, “We really can use all the help we can get and we can beat her.”

I'm surprised Hannity didn't ask her to repeat it and flash the name on the screen.

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