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Bill Hemmer’s Partisan Muslim Guest Uses Williams’ Firing To Attack CAIR

Reported by Priscilla - October 22, 2010 -

We all know the story. Juan Williams got bounced from NPR because of his comment regarding Muslims on airplanes. Personally, I think it was a boneheaded move by NPR because, as pointed out by “Morning Joe” Scarborough, the comment was made as part of William’s rebuttal to a comment made by Bill O’Reilly. That being said, I do find it interesting that “America’s Newsroom” would find a Muslim who wasn’t offended by Williams' comment because it wasn’t just any Muslim but Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the “American Islamic Forum For Democracy” who during his last appearance on “America’s Newsroom” was offended by the Muslims involved with Park 51. His organization, which consists of just him, fights “Islamofascism” and is endorsed by the rabid Islamophobe Daniel Pipes. His site has an article about CAIR’s (Council for American Islamic Relations) “outrageous attack” on the Tea Party. And surprise, surprise, Dr. Jasser, this morning, said he was "absolutely not offended" by William's comment and then proceeded to attack CAIR for it's "intimidation tactics" in criticizing Williams' remark. He also said that Ibrahim Cooper of CAIR doesn’t speak for Muslims in America but “for a victim minded mentality that doesn’t deal with reform.” “News” guy Hemmer, on cue, asked what CAIR was all about and Jasser provided the audience with the requisite anti-CAIR agitprop about how CAIR doesn’t want Muslims to take responsibility for radicalism. While Dr. Jasser’s brief comments about Williams were accurate, the bulk of the conversation was a denunciation of CAIR and how Muslims need to talk about radical groups. Slick propaganda which put the blame for Williams’ firing not on NPR, but Muslims themselves. Gotta love “America’s Newsroom” where only “good” Muslims are welcome in the house.

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