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Megyn Kelly Maligns Anita Hill While Defending Clarence Thomas’ Wife

Reported by Priscilla - October 21, 2010 -

There was nothing subtle about where Fox “news” anchor Megyn Kelly stands with regard to right wing SCOTUS Judge Clarence Thomas and his right wing wife. Yesterday, Kelly has a discussion with two lawyers, Mercedes Colwin and Joanna Spilbor, about Anita Hill’s reaction to a message from Thomas’ wife Ginni, left on her office answering machine at 7AM, asking Hill to apologize for “what you did with my husband” and requesting that Hill “pray about it.” Being the right wing partisan that she is, Kelly decided to use this incident as a springboard for gushing admiration for Clarence Thomas and scathing revulsion directed toward Ms. Hill. And rather than admitting that this message was perplexing, Kelly used the discussion to denigrate Ms. Hill because, as Kelly nearly shreaked, Hill contacted the police and according to Kelly this was a nice, ladylike message and who, in their right mind, would want to waste the police’s time. Honest. I wish I were kidding but this was full tilt partisanship from the opening to Kelly’s little “opinion” piece at the end. And about the “Kelly’s Court” "final word" – really slick way to present the requisite agitprop and get around the premise that Kelly’s show is real news “fair & balanced.” LOL!

Kelly began with her patented tone of outrage. She said “Calling on Uncle Sam” to settle a 20 year old dispute that transfixed the nation.” She described the Anita Hill hearings and played some video. She said, loudly, that Thomas “vehemently” denied the accusations. She said that Thomas wife is “looking for closure” and described the voice mail asking for an apology. Kelly added that “instead of doing so, Anita Hill calls the police and now the FBI is reportedly getting involved.” The agitprop began with Kelly asking “if this is cautious or a criminal abuse of emergency services?” She continued “if cops are involved, who should they be investigating?” (Baddaboom! Kelly suggests Hill should have apologized and should be investigated for making an unnecessary call to police.) She read the voice mail and incredulously said “Threatening? She called the police? Spilbor said it was disconcerting and that Hill had to alert somebody. Mercedes Colwin said it was an “abuse of process” and that “nobody would assume it was a federal crime.” Kelly went on about how non-threatening it was. She said that Ginni Thomas “happens to be the wife of a Supreme Court Justice but she’s also a woman and a wife” and described what a happy marriage they have and how in love they are. She said that Thomas was “dragged through the mud.’” But then it got really schizophrenic. Kelly said “I’m not going to make an opinion on what Anita Hill accused him of whether it was right or whether it was wrong but he was dragged through the mud by her and you can understand how the wife Ginny Thomas would still have some scars about it.” (She isn’t going to render an opinion and then says that Hill dragged Thomas “through the mud?” WTF?) Colwin said that Thomas said that the hearing was a “scarring experience.” Kelly loudly validated that with her comment that “It’s still a scar.” More schizophrenia with “ Some people believe that what Anita hill testified to is true. Again I’m not saying that it wasn’t or it was. That woman really maligned her husband and Ginnie Thomas doesn’t believe it was fair or true. That’s why she’s still upset.” (Aww, poor Ginni) After reading Hill’s statement, regarding the recent incident , Kelly rolled her eyes and said, mockingly, that “the FBI are looking at this?”

But here’s Kelly’s “final word” or as it’s known in the trade, the (propaganda) money shot.
“She called the police over a voice mail asking her to please consider an apology and pray on it. Puuleeze. The police have enough to do without dealing with gross overreactions like this whether you think an apology was owed or not Mrs.Thomas did nothing wrong in the eyes of the law. Miss Hill, on the other hand, did."

Comment: Kelly didn’t mention that Ginni Thomas is a Tea Party activist. She didn’t mention that this isn’t the first time that the “scars” have been re-opened. In 2007, Clarence Thomas assailed Hill in his book and on “60 Minutes.” The issue is why this strange call was made; but Megyn Kelly did a nice diversion with her rant about how Hill is the one who is acting inappropriate, if not criminal. And how is contacting the police requesting that “Uncle Sam” “settle” the dispute? (Talk about a WTF? moment!) The right wing threw every smear in the book at Anita Hill when she made her accusation. (She took a polygraph and Thomas didn’t). And it looks like the right wing smear machine is well oiled and ready to rumble, thanks to Megyn Kelly of Fox “News” who, apparently, loves that loving couple, Clarence and Ginni Thomas. Oh, and Megyn – if Brit Hume put a pubic hair on your diet Coke, would you think it was funny? Conservative boys will be boys. Right, Megyn?


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