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Megyn Kelly Accuses NAACP Of “Taking Shot” At Tea Party

Reported by Priscilla - October 21, 2010 -

Megyn Kelly is part of the official Fox News “news” line-up so one expects that she would be less partisan than the opinion folks like Bill O’Reilly and the gang on Fox & Friends. Just kidding folks! It’s clear that Miss Megyn can be quite clear about her partisan bias. But sometimes she can be more subtle in her approach as when she restricts her opinion to general affect, an occasional strategically placed innuendo, and one strategically placed "off the cuff" response to her interviewees. Her subtle approach to the daily dose of right wing agitprop was in evidence, yesterday, when Kelly did a piece about the recent NAACP report condemning racist elements in the Tea Party. Her opening was straight news about the report but done with the intense facial expression and the slow and careful enunciation of her words which seemed to signify her indignation that the evil NAACP would accuse beloved teabaggers of being racist. A fellow member of Fox’s stable of blonde female reporters, Shannon Bream, provided background which was “fair & balanced” in that she showed a response from the Tea Party. Kelly questioned the “timing” of the report in that it was released just before the election. But she saved her best for last when she responded to Bream’s comment that the “there are plenty of allegations that will seep out as we wait for more of a response from these groups…” There was nothing subtle about Megyn’s last comment about how "this isn’t the first time that the NAACP has taken this shot at the Tea Party.” Fox News “Fair & Balanced” yesirreee!!


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