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Fox Nation Claims “Chaos On The Border” – Linked Article Says No Such Thing

Reported by Priscilla - October 21, 2010 -

The wall of geniuses that runs the hate site “Fox Nation” know their demographics very well. They realize that in order to get the requisite right wing Pavlovian response from their readers, all they need is a catchy right wing headline in order get their Fox Nation reader salivating with right wing fury. Today they have a headline: “Chaos On The Border While Napolitano Does ‘The View’.” Trouble is that the linked article (with video) from “Politico” has no mention of “chaos” on the border. Rather, it quotes Napolitano saying that “This administration is enforcing the immigration laws…we have put more resources at the border than ever before and I know that border very well…” Gotta love Fox Nation – the website that is “committed to the core principles of tolerance, open debate, civil discourse--and fair and balanced coverage of the news.” The wall of geniuses at Fox Nation doesn’t seem to know that editorializing a headline that misrepresents the linked article isn’t exactly “fair and balanced coverage of the news.” Ya think?


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