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Today Is Fear Of “Anchor Baby” Day On Fox News?

Reported by Priscilla - October 20, 2010 -

Well, ah do believe we have ourselves a theme party. And on Fox “News,” ain’t no party like a fear of illegal (read those with brown skin especially those Mexicans) aliens and their “anchor babies" party. Today’s Fox “anchor baby” shower spilled over from Fox “opinion” news to actual Fox “News” when Martha MacCallum talked about how “anchor babies” are an abuse of the 14th Amendment. But it turns out that the party began with American’s favorite “Aryan” morning show a.ka. “Fox & Friends” where blonde, Teutonic former Miss America Gretchen Carlson spoke of how the fight against “so called anchor babies” is brewing in a bunch of states. Gretch defined “anchor babies” as those born to illegal immigrants. (As opposed to those on student or other visas who are just so much better than those who work for deplorable wages, in deplorable conditions so that “real” Americans can make real profits.) If Fox really wants to extend the theme aspect of their party against undocumented (read, bad brown Spanish speaking people who pick our vegetables) then they should really have a Pinata. Can’t you see the shits and giggles with Gretch, Steven, and Brian all swinging, blindfolded, at those nasty illegals and their nasty “anchor babies!?”


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