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Hannity Misleads About Military Ballots And Democrat Joe Trippi Helps

Reported by Ellen - October 20, 2010 -

We've been reporting for months about Fox News' attempts to trump up phony voting controversies and use them to tarnish the Obama administration. Sean Hannity and Oliver North picked up the latest faux issue, last night (10/19/10), states' failure to comply with a new law's deadline to get military ballots overseas, in a deliberate effort to smear the White House. But "Democrat" Joe Trippi seemed not to know the facts behind a regular tactic on the network where he serves as a contributor and joined the misleading, anti-Obama team without question.

Part 2 of the "Great American Panel" segment began with a clip from panelist Oliver North’s War Stories show about Afghanistan. But notice how, when the clip ended, North immediately brought up the “military ballot” issue to Hannity - who then ran with it. It was almost certainly planned in advance to bring up the subject. But even if Trippi was out of the planning loop, he should have known this has been a Fox News meme and been prepared to challenge it.

“They (U.S. troops in Afghanistan) also want to make sure they can vote,” North said, apropos of nothing related to his War Stories clip.

Hannity jumped in, as if on cue, “By the way, this is an issue. Because in Illinois and New York - New York asked for an extension in terms of military ballots being sent out. They were supposed to be sent out in mid-September. They got an October First extension, and they still haven’t sent them out… Does that mean our military are disenfranchised in their votes?”

No, it doesn’t. If Hannity had bothered to do a lick of research, he might have known, as The Air Force Times recently reported, that New York extended its deadline for receipt of absentee ballots.

But North and his fellow panelist, the has-been actress Morgan Brittany, immediately jumped in to agree with Hannity.

Hannity then "asked," “So, in other words, if those ballots aren’t back, they didn’t send them, was this done on purpose? Where’s Eric Holder?”

Instead of challenging Hannity’s trumped up “question,” or even demanding more information or that Hannity justify his suspicion, Trippi seemed more interested in showing he was a stand up Fox Newser. “They should get their ballots. I mean, … (our troops) are putting their lives on the line and they can’t vote, I mean, it’s just crazy.”

Brittany knew the routine, which I'll guess is the reason she is repeatedly asked back on the show. I somehow doubt there a single person in the audience who cares what she thinks about anything other than, maybe, her old TV show, Dallas. Brittany immediately opened the door to attacking the White House by asking, “How can something like this happen?” Which, of course, gave Hannity the opening to tie this phony controversy to “the same people” who will be running health care reform and financial reform.

Trippi had nothing to add.

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