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AZ Sheriff Paul Babeau Provides More Partisan Border Hysteria on Fox & Friends

Reported by Priscilla - October 19, 2010 -

While tough talking, immigrant harassing Sheriff Joe Arpaio was once the darling of Fox News, there’s a new sheriff in town, Paul Babeau, and he seems to have overtaken Sheriff Arpaio as the most popular right wing sheriff on Fox. Babeau is described as a “sort of Robin to Arpaio’s Batman.” But now that Arpaio is being investigated by the Feds, Babeau is Fox’s “frontline warrior against 'illegals' and drug smugglers” with a heavy dose of anti-Obama talk thrown in to the mix of border hysteria - a recurring theme on Fox & Friends. Babeau, who as of July 2010 had appeared on Fox 18 times, has appeared on a white nationalist radio program and ”truther” Alex Jones radio show at which time he suggested that Obama is guilty of treason. He was the sheriff who walked beside Senator John McCain in McCain’s “build the dang fence” campaign ad. So it was no surprise to see him, this morning, on Fox & Friends, where he received warm affirmation for his newest claim that, based on a Department of Homeland Security memo, Arizona is being “invaded” by drug cartel assassins. The “Cavuto Marked” title of the Fox video is “Arizona Under Seige?” Are ya sceered yet?

Gretchen Carlson, showing off some “gams” and cleavage, (Fox News “dress for success”) began the fear factor with her lead off comment about how “this story will get your attention.” The agitprop chyron: “Arizona Under Seige, DHS Memo Warned Of Mexican Narco Assassins." Looking very intense, she stared wide eyed into the camera and described a “highly sensitive intel memo” which stated that Mexican drug cartels are “planning to deploy” 15 assassins” to Vekel Valley in an effort to eradicate anybody who gets in the way of their drug trade. Part of the memo, from May of this year, was shown as a graphic. But according to Brian Kilmeade, the DHS is disputing this. His question of why they would do this provided the segue into the introduction of the sheriff whose territory includes the Vekel Valley. Surprise, surprise – it was Paul Babeau who said that “everything in the memo is absolutely true." He referenced the violence in his district which included a deputy having been ambushed and two cartel members having been shot in what he thinks is a high-tech assassination. Babeau, whose last Fox & Friends visit was a whine about the National Guard troops not being deployed fast enough, cited “break-ins” which, he thinks, prove that assassins are penetrating into Arizona. He claimed that the only governmental response is to put up signs that warn about drug and human smuggling and that’s “simply unacceptable.” The unabashedly partisan Brian Kilmeade provided the partisan message with “you’re actually working against your government in this case.” Babeau ranted about how this alleged assassin activity is just an extension of what is happening in Mexico and that’s why “we should be alarmed.” He alleged that the border is not more secure. The unabashedly partisan Gretchen Carlson said that “one of the reasons why they think they can do this is because they can or at least you would argue that.” (No shit, Sherlock!) Gretch then read from a recent DHS memo that states that the cartel information is not accurate after which she breathlessly asked how Babeau would respond. Not surprisingly he said that “everything in this memo has been proven true” and described a shooting incident which, he feels, is more “proof.” Kilmeade said “incredible.” He added that “Secretary Napolitano is wrong.” The unabashedly partisan Kilmeade remarked “and she has been before.” (Really Brian, when was that?)

Comment: To bad the fiends (whoops, “friends”) didn’t interview local tour guides Mike Javrinen and his wife who say that Sheriff Babeau is “off base” and that they “drive down there five times a week.” Javrinen says that "A lot of our guests go down apprehensive and on the way back they don't understand the hype." According to DHS Matthew Chandler, the government “has dedicated unprecedented manpower, technology and infrastructure to the Southwest border.” But Sheriff Babeau doesn’t believe it and thanks to Fox “News,” he gets to plead his case, to a sympathetic audience, over and over in a propaganda twofer that hits the Obama administration and plays the fear of Mexicans card. Are ya skeered yet?


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