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Got Stupidity? Brian Kilmeade Says All Terrorists Are Muslims And Abortion Clinic Bombers Aren’t Terrorists!

Reported by Priscilla - October 16, 2010 -

Brian Kilmeade is very upfront about his opposition to Park 51. He thinks that it could be a haven for big, bad Islamic terrorists who, according to Kilmeade, are the only kind of terrorists. In a discussion of Bill O’Reilly’s View appearance, Kilmeade, whose “expertise” (?) is in sports and not history or political science, he told his Fox friends that “a religion attacked us on 9-11.” He added that “not all Muslims are terrorists; but all terrorists are Muslims.” Just when you think that Kilmeade’s level of stupidity, ignorance, and (yes) Islamophobia couldn’t get any worse, Kilmeade exceeds all expectations!

As has been noted, there are many “terrorists” who aren’t Muslims including Byron Williams who, when stopped by police with whom he engaged in a gun battle, was on his way to wipe out liberals deemed anathema by Glenn Beck. The National Counterterrorism Center states that non Muslims account for 16,868 recorded instances of terrorism, 976 less than Islamic extremists. Kilmeade certainly can’t say that all terrorism “was” connected to Islam as history records otherwise. American domestic terrorism was connected to abortion clinic violence and the murders of abortion providers – violence done in the name of Christianity and violence which Christians publicly condemn but qualify with statements that one murder is not as significant as the “holocaust” of abortion. But it appears that Kilmeade obviously doesn’t think that abortion clinic violence is as bad was what those evil Muslims do. In another discussion about the infamous “View” episode, Kilmeade repeated his bogus claim about all terrorists being Muslim. Geraldo Rivera reminded him that abortion clinic bombers are also terrorists. An incredulous Kilmeade asked “you equate abortion bombers to Al Qaeda?” Rivera said the only difference between the innocents killed on 9-11 and the victims of abortion clinic violence is the numbers.

Comment: So Brian Kilmeade doesn’t think abortion clinic bombers are the same as Al Qaeda? Really? I think it’s safe to say that there is absolutely no difference between the terrorism of Al Qaeda and that of the abortion clinic bomber or abortion doctor killer except, as Geraldo says, for the numbers. While the chances of being injured or killed by Al Qaeda are (hopefully) remote, the danger of American abortion clinic violence is real and up close and personal. Abortion clinic staff and escorts face the threat of anti-choice crazies every day. Having done escort work at Planned Parenthood, I can attest to how escorts do their job with the knowledge that they could be killed at any time. There is a reason why escorts are given drills about what to do in the event of a street attack. (Withdraw to building and lock doors). Every time clinic staff opens an envelope, there is a possibility that the white powder inside is lethal. Every time they open a package, there is a possibility that it isn’t a dead animal but a live bomb. Every time they take a threatening phone call, they don’t know if there will be a follow-up. While the “jihadists” do their deeds in the name of Allah, the anti-choice crusaders do their dirty deeds in the name of Jesus. Both groups are inspired by a sick ideology which includes a hatred of women. So, I guess, according to Catholic Kilmeade, Christianity is responsible for attacks on clinics and doctors - attacks which aren’t as bad as deeds committed by Muslims. Violence, committed in the name of religion or politics, is bad – regardless of the religion of the perpetrator. I don’t know if Brian Kilmeade is motivated by Islamophobia or just sheer stupidity; but not for nothing was he named “worst person” by Keith Olbermann. But why should Fox be concerned? I suspect that Brian’s audience might be as stupid and bigoted as Brian Kilmeade appears to be. Be scared of Muslims terrorists but don't worry about those who want to commit violence towards abortion clinics and providers cuz they're not terrorists - according to Fox sports guy and "Friend" Brian Kilmeade!

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