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On Fox & Friends, Right Wing Media Critic, Brent Bozell, Discusses Media Bias Towards Teabaggers – LOL!

Reported by Priscilla - October 15, 2010 -

Fox & Friends does love a persecuted right winger. Be it persecuted Christians or persecuted patriots, there is always a warm place on Fox & Friends for a right wing victim of evil libruls. It’s ironic. The right wing are the ones who bray about how poor people (read minorities) play the victim and should suck it up; but judging from what is seen on Fox & Friends these right wingers take the Oscar for best whining. There’s an ongoing meme on Fox “News” about how unfair the evil, librul media is to anything connected with the conservative right. It’s a meme that forms the basis for “Newsbusters,” a right wing site dedicated to ferreting out librul bias in mainstream media which encompasses obscure websites and magazines and, of course, anything said by Joy Behar, Janeanne Garofalo, and Bill Mahr. This website is the love child (but from a chaste and very heterosexual philosophical coitus) of Brent Bozell who is head of the right wing partisan “Media Research Center” and who spends a lot of his time railing about “The Family Guy” and that nasty anti-Christian Jon Stewart. But Brent is a fave on Fox “News” where his macho (?!) hirsute visage is frequently seen. And in a quid pro quo, his Fox appearances are heralded on “Newsbusters.” Last week, on Fox & Friends, he bitched about Christiane Amanpour’s unfair treatment of the anti-Islamic right wingers on her discussion panel. Today he appeared with the morning right wing bobbleheads (whoops, Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy) regarding how the evil, librul media treats the teabaggers unfairly. Yeah, right wing hack Brent Bozell complaining about media bias – during which time he worked in standard right wing agitprop about the “failed” stimulus. Gotta love it!

The “Cavuto marked” chyron wasted no time in conveying the requisite agitprop: “Hostile Media Coverage? CBS Reporter Confronts Tea Partier.” Boy genius Brian Kilmeade said that the Tea Party is against government spending and then asked why a CBS reporter would have asked a teabagger about the stimulus. Video of CBS reporter Dean Reynolds, “touting” the success of the stimulus was shown. Actually, the video showed a teabagger whining about government spending after which the reporter asked “where we would be today” without the stimulus spending and the bailouts – a legitimate question considering that most reality based economists said that without the bailouts, there might have been a serious global economic crash. MENSA member Steve Doocy asked if there was a media bias against the Tea Party and introduced his giggling and chortling guest. As usual, the Media Research Center was not described as “right wing” – a Newsbusters sin of omission when the librul media doesn’t identify librul groups. Doocy giggled along with him and joked that it sounded like the reporter was “leading the witness.” Bozell used the tired GOP canard that Obama has accumulated more debt than the debt incurred between George Washington and Ronald Reagan. Course that Obama inherited a huge debt wasn’t mentioned. Kilmeade referenced the upcoming NY Times article, by Peter Baker, in which Obama is quoted as saying “there’s no such thing as a shovel ready project.” Of course, the first part of Obama’s comment, “But the problem is, is that spending it out takes a long time, because there’s really nothing…” was omitted. As video of CBS’s Harry Smith speaking to Mike Huckabee was played, this agitprop chyron appeared: “Tea Party Bias, Harry Smith Asks “Can Anger Govern?” Given that the tea party offer no concrete policy ideas beyond hatred for Obama and getting ridding of taxes and government, the question was legit; but the boys didn’t think so. Smith also referenced a possible “tug of war” between the mainstream GOP and the Tea Party. Agitprop chyron: “All Anger, No Substance CBS Host Cast Doubt on Tea Party.” Bozell engaged in more nasal toned giggling as he talked about how this is like 1994 when Peter Jennings, on election day, talked about how “America threw a temper tantrum and the country can’t be governed by an angry two year old.” He claimed that “that’s what happens when conservatives win” and “when liberals win, it’s hope and change.” He huffed that “it’s so transparent what they’re doing.” Doocy responded, “indeed it is.”

Comment: So Bozell and the boys don’t think that the Tea Party (and the 94 Contract On America) is all about anger. As Amy and Seth would say, “really?” In his excellent analysis of Tea Party anger, JM Bernstein describes the Tea Party as angry “nihilists” who, up till now, “have committed only the minor, almost atmospheric violences of propagating falsehoods, calumny and the disruption of the occasions for political speech — the last already to great and distorting effect.” As Bernstein notes, the Tea Party feel that they have been abandoned by government and ,as such, see the myth of “self sufficiency” as the answer. So asking how this anger, directed in large part against our first African American president, can translate into actual governance is totally appropriate and not “bias” against the teabaggers. What are their plans other than impeaching Obama? I guess these folks shouldn’t be asked the same kind of questions that the right have no problem asking the Democrats – although rather than asking the Democrats about policy questions, the right seems to prefer to define the Democrats policy positions in order to create a climate of fear and loathing as well as play the victim. Hey Brent, want some cheese with that whine? Oh, and the title of the Fox video: "This Week in Media Bias!" ROFLMAO!!!


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