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Monica Crowley Accuses CBS' Bob Schieffer Of Offering Secretly Coded Campaign Suggestions To David Axelrod

Reported by Ellen - October 15, 2010 -

During a “Barack and a Hard Place” segment earlier this week (10/12/10) on The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly asked the panel about what he thought were unusually tough questions from CBS’ Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation to Obama advisor David Axelrod about accusations that foreign donors are secretly funding the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other “independent” election organizations. O’Reilly was obviously impressed with such a challenging stance from the supposedly liberal media. But conservative Monica Crowley had a different interpretation. It was a secret way of helping Axelrod reconfigure his 2010 campaign strategy. An incredulous O’Reilly asked, “So you think he was trying to help Axelrod by humiliating him?” Yes, that’s what she was saying.

O’Reilly began that part of the discussion by asking Alan Colmes, “What did you think yesterday (sic) of Bob Schieffer saying to David Axelrod, ‘Is that all you got? I mean, you’re trumping up this Chamber of Commerce thing. Is that all you got?’”

Colmes said, “It’s his job to ask challenging questions. He added sarcastically, “Because he’s with CBS, he’s part of the ‘left wing media?’… Because everybody over there is a left-winger, right?”

“Well, almost,” O’Reilly said, semi-jokingly.

Crowley, said, “Well, look… (Schieffer’s) a very nice guy but he is a fairly liberal guy. So I think, you know what? I think he was trying to help Axelrod.”

“Trying to help?” O’Reilly asked skeptically.

In Crowley’s mind, Schieffer was trying to say, “in so many words, ‘Dude, you’ve got a 10% unemployment rate going, you’ve got a stagnant economy, you have zero economic growth, so what in God’s name are you doing focusing on this obscure issue?’”

O’Reilly didn’t buy it. “So you think he was trying to help Axelrod by humiliating him?”

Colmes joked, “Keep going. You don’t need me.”

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