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Fox News Uses France Protests To Beat The Drum To Privatize Social Security

Reported by Guest Blogger - October 15, 2010 -

By Brian

On the October 12, 2010 Your World, Neil Cavuto hosted Dave Ramsey for a discussion ostensibly about workers in France walking off their jobs to protests the idea of raising the retirement age from 60 to 62. Instead of a real discussion with facts and balance, Ramsey called the protesters “juvenile delinquents” and he and Cavuto turned the segment into a fear-mongering argument for privatizing Social Security.

Ramsey said, "We don't want to mimic the French on hardly anything as far as I can see. What a crazy bunch of juvenile delinquents. Out protesting in the street because they don't want to work? Oh my gosh, how hard is that? From 60 to 62 years old… There has been this idea floated around a time or two by the Obama administration that we need to raise the retirement age on Social Security in order to free up cash to fund some of the other initiatives. I think they call that income redistribution."

"Something like this is going to have to be addressed,” Cavuto said. “Cradle to grave protection from the government dies grudgingly, doesn’t it?"

"Well it does,” Ramsey agreed. “…Thus you get into a mess called our Social Security system." He said it's been "broke mathematically for years. President Bush tried to bring it up a few years ago."

In reality, Social Security is not broke. But even if Cavuto disagrees, he should have presented that view to the "fair and balanced, we report you decide" network's audience.

Cavuto interrupted sympathetically, "Oh man, remember that?"

"He (Bush) was virtually tarred and feathered about the idea of privatizing a small portion (of Social Security),” Ramsey said.

Comment: Why is protesting being a juvenile delinquent, Dave? These people want to retire at 60, what's illegal about it Dave? Why didn't Cavuto ask?

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