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After Attacking Jerry Brown’s Lack Of Sensitivity To Women, Bernard McGuirk Calls Congress “A Pack Of Teenage Girls At The Mall With Daddy’s Credit Card”

Reported by Ellen - October 15, 2010 -

Sean Hannity was in a Hanctimonious snit last night (10/14/10) over someone in Democrat Jerry Brown’s camp calling his opponent, California’s Republican gubernatorial candidate, Meg Whitman, a “whore” in a phone message that was accidentally recorded and then left on a union official’s voice mail. During the “Great American Panel” segment, Don Imus producer, Bernard McGuirk (of “nappy-headed ho” fame), joined the attacks and claimed that Democrats “have a history of throwing women under the bus.” But moments later, McGuirk likened Democrats to “teenage girls with their father’s charge card.” Hannity laughed at the comparison. Also on this “sensitive” panel was a Republican Congressional candidate, Rocky Raczkowski, who nobody revealed to the "we report, you decide" network's audience is a birther.

Raczkowski took his own swipe at Democrats: “The Democratic Party is the Party that always makes little comments about all other candidates and blames other people.”

After saying Democrats "have a history of throwing women under the bus," McGuirk joined in again: “Look, the Democrats, they’ve shattered the political glass ceiling. Hillary shattered it. But they’ve reconstructed it, what they did to Sarah Palin and to Christine O’Donnell… They savage her constantly… They threw Hillary Clinton down a flight of stairs a couple years ago.”

As the discussion raged on about O'Donnell, McGuirk said, “The fact is she’s gonna go down and take a baseball bat, she’s gonna be on the team that’s gonna take a baseball bat to stop these irresponsible idiots from spending money like a pack of teenage girls at the mall with Daddy’s credit card.”

That doesn’t sound so sensitive to me. In fact, it sounds downright sexist. But Raczkowski didn’t object to that “little comment.”

Hannity laughed. He said, “Everybody else says ‘drunken sailor.’ A pack of teenage girls with Daddy’s credit card at the mall!”

McGuirk added, “That’s what they’re acting like.”

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