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Bill O’Reilly Is Wrong – Target Does Not Have 100% Rating From Human Rights Campaign

Reported by Priscilla - October 14, 2010 -

During last night’s diatribe about the nasty, librul MoveOn’s Ad targeting retailing giant Target for its contributions to the far right wing, Minnesota gubernatorial candidate, Tom Emmer, Bill commented, in an incredulous voice, that despite both Emmer and Obama/Biden both being opposed to gay marriage, MoveOn is accusing Target of bias. He then stated that Target had a 100% rating from the Human Right’s Campaign. He’s either lying or he is misinformed because Target (along with Best Buy and 3M) has been stripped of its 100% rating in the HRC’s 2011 Corporate Equality Index. And the reason that the score went down was because – ready for it – “failing to respond to requests to take corrective actions following their sizable contributions to MN Forward, a political committee supporting the election of an anti-gay candidate for governor of Minnesota.” And that’s Tom Emmer. And while Bill’s statement about the HRC is categorically wrong, his comparison of Obama/Biden’s position on gay marriage with Tom Emmer’s is correct – but it really doesn’t tell the whole story. But when ya want some nice, juicy right wing agitprop, who cares about the details!

While Bill is correct that Obama/Biden oppose gay marriage, they do support civil unions which the virulently anti-gay Emmer doesn’t support. Obama voted against a Federal Marriage Amendment and opposed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996 while Emmer, in 2007, was the author of a constitutional amendment to prohibit same-sex marriage and civil unions. And while O’Reilly thinks that the MoveOn ad is a dirty trick, it’s child play compared to the role of the Minnesota Catholic Archdiocese which, after consulting with the homophobic National Organization for Marriage (dishonest, far right fanatics?), just mailed a DVD, to every Catholic in Minnesota, which extolls the sanctity of traditional marriage. BTW, Emmer is the only gubernatorial candidate opposing gay marriage, surprise, surprise! BTW, Catholic Bishop John Nienstedt is calling for an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution banning same sex marriage. (Creeping Christian "Sharia?") And that brings us back to Emmer who supports this ban.

Comment: Funny, the National Organization for Marriage has spent $200,000 in attack ads against Emmer’s opponents but O’Reilly seems to have no problem with that. Rather, he attacks MoveOn’s legitimate point about Target’s donations. And if Target isn’t biased, they support a candidate who, clearly, is. Oh, and BTW, Emmer said, during a television debate, they he wouldn’t support anti-bullying legislation despite four LGBT Minnesota youths who committed suicide last July. And another BTW - Emmer also pals around with a Christian “hard rock” ministry, “You Can Run but You Can’t Hide” which advocates execution of gays – a position that, it’s safe to assume, neither Obama nor Biden support. But no bias here, nosirree!!!!


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