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Fox News Suggests Diet And Exercise Should Replace Health Care Reform

Reported by Guest Blogger - October 13, 2010 -

By Brian

If ever there was a segment that proved that the real business of Fox News’ “business block” is to promote a Republican agenda, a segment on Saturday’s (10/9/10) Cashin’ In was it. The discussion purported to be about an IBM program which pays employees $150 to improve their family’s eating and exercise habits over 12 weeks. But Cashin’ In used the subject as little more than an excuse to argue that the program proved we don’t need the new health care law. A banner on the screen read, “IBM’s Health Plan Sparks New Calls To Repeal H’Care Law.” Those “calls to repeal” seemed to come exclusively from the conservative Cashin’ In panelists - with a vote of support for the position from the host.

"It's so shocking… that eating right and getting on a bike every now and then could actually save the economy… as opposed to pumping billions of dollars into some BS health care system," panelist Tracy Byrnes said.

Self-described “Capitalist Pig” Jonathan Hoenig added, "Who cares about the bills when you have a right to health care? When government picks up the tab for every element of it. It's almost like the moral hazard of health care. When government pays for health care, you don't think about what it ultimately will cost."

Host Cheryl Casone said to the lone liberal, Steve Leser, of OpEdNews.com, "Maybe, Steve, we should just repeal the health care law altogether?"

Leser noted, "The problem with that is, it doesn't matter how much you exercise, you’re eventually going to get sick. Some people will get cancer and things like that. People do need health care coverage."

Panelist Wayne Rogers wasn’t foolish enough to say that the IBM plan supplants the health care bill. But he took a gratuitous swipe at the bill anyway. "Nobody understands the health care bill, because nobody read it… Twenty four hundred pages of gobbledygook."

Casone gave another imprimatur to the meme. "Gee, once again, maybe the private sector has it right, and the government has it wrong?"

Gasparino said he didn’t have “strong opinions,” apparently referring to the IBM plan. “If you’re going to pay me $200, I’m there.” But like Rogers, he also took a swipe at the bill. “The health care bill will cause people to be "incentiviz(ed) to do stupid things." Like what? Gasparino never said and Casone never asked.

Instead of talking about other companies doing this, or about the costs of obesity, the panel decided to bash government health care, and "Obamacare.”

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