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Pinkerton Defends Fox News’ Stable of GOP Presidential Candidates: It’s “Only” Three

Reported by Ellen - October 12, 2010 -

During last weekend’s Fox News Watch, Alan Colmes countered Andrea Tantaros’ accusation about the Obama administration’s “very cozy relationship” with the media by saying, “Well look at all the presidential candidates that work for Fox News on the Republican side.” As Mediaite noted, host Jon Scott “could not change the subject quickly enough” but guest Jim Pinkerton began counting and kept the discussion going a bit. In an effort to defend Fox, Pinkerton counted out Rick Santorum and concluded that there are “only” three. Memo to Pinkerton: How many other news networks harbor even one? And how many are too many?

A recent Politico article noted that the situation poses a lot of complications for Fox News. But instead of considering those implications (at least in this clip, I did not see the rest of the show), Scott, the host of the show devoted to “Covering the coverage. Uncovering media bias” tried to change the subject as Pinkerton jumped in. Though Pinkerton acknowledged that with Santorum, there could be four GOP presidential candidates working at Fox, “At most there’s three.” (Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich)

“That’s plenty,” Colmes pointed out. “How many Democrats?”

Nobody answered.

Scott did make a point of saying, “(None?) of those three (GOP candidates) are declared candidates… They wouldn’t be working here if they were.”

“Oh, come on,” Colmes said.

Colmes is correct. As Politico wrote:

At issue are basic matters of political and journalistic fairness and propriety. With Fox effectively becoming the flagship network of the right and, more specifically, the tea party movement, the four Republicans it employs enjoy an unparalleled platform from which to speak directly to primary voters who will determine the party’s next nominee. 

Their Fox jobs allow these politicians an opportunity to send conservative activists a mostly unfiltered message in what is almost always a friendly environment. Fox opinion hosts typically invite the Republicans simply to offer their views on issues of the day, rather than press them to defend their rhetoric or records as leaders of the party.

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