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Oops! How Much Research Did Megyn Kelly Do Before Going On The Air With Incorrect Obama Casting Call Story?

Reported by Ellen - October 11, 2010 -

Megyn Kelly and Fox News were so eager to malign an upcoming MTV Town Hall with President Obama that they didn't bother to investigate the facts behind a Backstage.com notice for audience members. Kelly wrongly gave the impression that Obama's audience was to be selected like a Democratic casting call - i.e. for good-looking actors playing town hall attendees - when, in fact, the Backstage notice was just one of several places where invitations for submissions were posted. Furthermore, though Kelly noted the "casting call" did not come from the White House, she allowed the suggestion to stand that there was a connection. In fact, Mediaite debunked the "casting call controversy" last week. Now, Mediaite has discovered that Backstage placed the notice on their own, without any connection to Obama or MTV or the town hall. We'll be watching for a correction tomorrow.

Mediaite gave credit to Megyn Kelly for referencing another, bigger casting call controversy, namely a call for a "'hicky' Blue Collar look' of West Virginia truckers in an ad for Senate candidate John Raese. But the WV ad got little more than a mention in a segment that was primarily about Obama's town hall.

Three cheers to Democratic Dick Harpootlian for getting in this little dig at Fox. "If the president's trying to reach that (MTV) demographic of young kids are open on a lot of issues, that's the way to do it... If the president were trying to reach bitter white men over the age of 40, what network would you think he'd want to go to?"

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